Reaction to Caregiver Assignment

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Caregiver Sarah Gonzales is a loving mother and wife who had to leave her teaching job in the Philippines to be reunited with her husband in London. The plan was to earn money, to have a better life, and later on get her son who had to be left in the Philippines. She packs her bags and ends up working as a caregiver. Along the way, she faces hardships such as her difficult husband, being maltreated and looked down upon. In the end, she stands up for herself and decides to finally leave her husband and continue living in London with her son and her friends.

This story I believe is mainly about family, love, and friendship. Sarah’s family situation is quite complicated. She was at first separated from her husband because he was working abroad. However, when they finally were back in each other’s arms things did not get better for them. The husband was very annoying because he was very unsupportive and would drink a lot. Instead of saving up for their son, he spent money on useless things at times such as alcohol and cigarettes.

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Despite the confusion though with their relationship, I guess she found strength elsewhere. She found her family in her son, and in other people like Mr. Morgan and Shawn. On the other hand, they also found their family in her. Mr. Morgan was a grumpy old man but he found zest for life that he lost because of Sarah. She became like family to him. This is the same with Shawn. Shawn was a trouble-maker who did not get much love from his house, but because of Sarah he became a better person.

I guess this just shows that family is not always just about moms, dads, children, and relatives. I can say that family can be found in other people. Other people means those that we may not even be related to in any way. Overall, I really liked the movie. It was very touching and heartwarming. It shows that families come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s something that cannot be stereotyped. The only commonality among all families is love. We should carry love wherever we go because genuine love and concern for others might just make other people’s lives better.

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