REACTION PAPER ON HRM Assignment Words: 473

I have nothing against those people who are not good in English, I admit myself that I also make mistakes when it comes to pronunciation. But the only thing am concerned is that it was coming more confusing not just to us but to the other people listening and watching them. I don’t know if the problem was the speaker, the lapel they are using, they are nervous or that they didn’t work on their diction and ended up messing on that part. The other thing that bothered me is the lightings they used, very distracting at the same time it hurts my eyes too much that turned my back on the Stage and just bow my head to avoid seeing that light.

I also saw other people do the same thing I did which help me jump into conclusion that in the lightings, the failed. The play continues to be like it was before, it may sound rude but it is boring. One of my classmates said that in a theater play, people tend to react and clap their hands but in that moment everyone was just wearing a straight face, some are just playing with their cellular phones and others went out. I felt sad knowing the hardships of making a theater play. From the casting of characters, script, movement, props up to the costume. Been there, done that.

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It was really hard and the clap and cheer of audience is what makes all of those hardships worth it. Ant to cheer them and clap for them but I don’t want to fool myself as well. So I just stayed quiet and continued watching. Guess it was on the climax when people suddenly cheer them and everyone shouted while clapping. I was sitting on the floor since got tired of standing so I don’t have any idea what is going on stage so stand up and to my surprise people are shouting and cheering because of the actors on stage. I asked the person behind me what happened and she told me that there is a love triangle.

It was amusing because thought that program will end without any memorable moment but I guess that scenes regarding love make the audience cheerful. It continued up to the part where Cleopatra and one of his leading men dance with the choreography of a somewhat intimate scene. It made the people wild, including me and my friends. Was nearsighted so gathered all my guts and walk up in forefront to have a better view of what is now going on the stage. My friends then laugh at me but they are watching attentively as well. The people who are about to sleep woke up and join the cheering of the crowd.

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