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The piece is about the effects of the declining English literacy in our country due to various reasons like mislaid nationalism and the media. The author wrote this article in order to let us recognize problems that our country is facing. It is indicated that, even though, us, Filipinos are regarded as one of the largest English-speaking countries, it cannot be denied that most of us do not seem to know how to speak English properly.

And prior to this, rises a problem that has to do with many things such as difficulty in communicating with foreign people which makes it harder for us to catch up with other fast-growing countries. To Justify the author’s statements, certain things were pointed out like her observation that made her rethink about our country proficiency in speaking and the factors that brought forth these dilemmas, and of course, to give us a speck of hope, things that can lighten up and lessen these problems were also tackled.

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One of the most compelling reasons about the said problem is the issue about pseudo Nationalism. Other factors like the abatement of education and the misunderstood improvising efforts of the media were also discussed. But despite of the negativity, there were still things that brimmed positivist like the willingness of the government to solve the difficulties we are facing.

As I read the article, I realize its accurateness. This obstacle that we are facing is not as simple as it seems. It has occurred to me that I can also help and take part in solving this problem by starting with myself and not being ignorant. I especially noticed the piece’s legitimacy because of the author’s way of giving information and tatting reliable sources which makes the more work trustworthy.

I did not think that the author overlooked on some vital things for I believe that I will not be convinced by this article if it were incomplete. The writer firmly emphasized her point of view and her belief in what she thinks is the cause of the problem and how, even by a little, the people involved in it coped with the enigmas that they are facing. A balanced outlook on the issue was shown by the author and all sides were explained and it made the readers look on all the angles of the problem.

The writer has a way of making the readers sympathetic about the things she say and I became instantly interested in reading this particular piece because of the approach that the writer used to catch my attention. Some witty and funny lines caught my eye and tickled my senses until I became submerged in reading and then suddenly the issue got serious and in the end the writer has engraved in me the things she wanted me to realize. She had opened my mind into the things she wanted me to see. The piece had bothered me in a good way. It shook me.

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