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With the events between the United States of America and Syria leading towards a possible world war, never has national security become so vital. There are various factors that pose threats to the sovereignty of our country. Peace talks between President Benign Aquinas Oil’s administration and the Moor Islamic Liberation Front are once again at a standstill, with the MILL having doubts on forging a wealth- sharing deal with the government.

The Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao has ever expressed their desire to be part of the Philippines. The meanwhile, are having troubles right within their forces. Members of the CNN are no longer listening to the commands of their leader, making it harder for the government to make negotiations and put an end to the war they have waged in the government for so long. Internal conflicts like these weaken our defenses towards any possible external threat, and obviously, do not contribute to improving our national security.

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Aside from these rebel groups, stories of Filipinos living in extreme poverty, politicians using their pork barrel funds for very questionable non government organizations, etc. Are all too familiar in the Filipino setting. Our incapacity to overcome the problems that would surely enhance our defenses gives us an overview of where our country would stand should a war be triggered. Recently, the US and Philippine governments have been conducting talks on increasing the rotational military presence of US forces in our country. I believe that so far, this is the most pressing threat that could befall the Philippines.

We are letting n enemy, disguising itself as a friendly ally, enter our country, use our natural and human resources, and make use of our military bases in the sake of a more developed army and faster response in times of calamities and natural disasters. It is such a petty excuse. Forming an agreement with the United States has only triggered China to strengthen their defenses and prepare themselves for a war to defend themselves. Alyssa Joyce B. Francis To be a good Filipino citizen requires more understanding and action than Just memorizing the Preamble of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

The preamble introduces the Constitution by explaining the goals and purpose of the document but it also contains the values a Filipino citizen must possess to be called a good one. Truth, Justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace are the morals derived from the said document above. To begin with, from love springs the others values that draw the best of every person. You will know that you hold the value of love when you think, speak, and act because of it. Freedom. I do agree that its price is eternal Gilligan and control.

We should be aware of the limitations attached to it and that we should carry it with dignity and responsibility, ever heedful that our own freedom is also the freedom of others. Peace. Though stresses are everywhere, we ought to have a peace of mind. We must be persons of peace and builder of harmony among people. Truth. We should recognize the value of truth and thus be truthful in all our dealings. We should be steadfast in the faith that in the good fight for righteousness, the truth will set you free and that in any situation, even mind-boggling ones, it will always prevail.

Justice and equality. We are all given equal rights so as long as we practice equality, there stands Justice. Wrong application of one value could possibly lead to a worse application and misunderstanding of the other. For example, if you don’t understand love, how can you understand freedom? They are like chains which are linked to each other. As a conclusion, I believe that as Filipino citizens, we should possess and develop these values to be of better contribution for the further amelioration of our country.

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