Reaction Paper Assignment

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I, together with my classmates and school mates, try the science- related equipment. Its function will known the means of holding hands together then pushing the button that take part as the sign that the electricity will flow. As the two persons standing beside that equipment push the button, those persons including other people who hold their hand will be grounded. The reason why this scenario happens, since human is a conductor of electricity, then if they hold hands together, the electricity will flow through them.

That equipment is my favorite among all devices I saw in the exhibit. Another is device known as ‘Your nose knows”. There are many choices you can see on its board, different fruits and deserts. Below those images, you can see three circle metal with tiny holes in it, in which will you place your nose. At the side of the metal, you can see a red button. As you press the red button, place your nose maybe at one inch far on the metal with tiny holes, then press another button of the image or thing on the choices you want to smell.

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Its amazing because, you can smell the real smell of that object even if it is just an artificial. There were also small rooms. One of these rooms had the ability to capture your shadow. After you made a post on the wall timer sets at ten seconds and after that, a fast shot of light or flash will snap. Then when you remove your body apart from the wall, you can see your last shadow position. The room was covered with a black cloth so maybe you can’t see your shadow but after that flash of light, your shadow appears in glow in he dark.

Another room also amazed me, as you enter the room you will be asked to step up unto the chair. The chair faced a table maybe one meter high and above that table placed a metal like ball. Both of your hands will touch the ball, since you faced a mirror, you can notice that little by little, your hair was getting up or shiver. I only had mention some of the equipments, there are many more. It was wonderful because in one day.

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