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During the Interclass tournament of futsal (Minerva cup 2b I enjoyed a lot. Even though we dont win the game. It is such a wonderful and unforgettable experience during that day and during our tune up with other courses. The Minerva Cup 2 is very organized and the players played fair. We did our best to win the game but unfortunately we lost, because it lacks of communication in each other. Even we have a great defence with the opponent. During that day, every one of us feels nervous because we saw our opponent. Our opponent is very big (Not literally big) compare to s.

After the parade and the opening speech of the event organizer of the game. We condition our body, we run 5 times beside our gymnasium and after running we do the warm up. We take It seriously because we need to condition our body. After we do some warm up. we go Inside the gymnasium. Before the game, we went to back stage to pray for our safety during the game that no one will be injured etc.. , Before the official day of the futsal tournament or what they called “Minerva Cup 2” two of us were choose to become the Goal keeper of the game (tune up).

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Our professor trained us to become a goal keeper, but before the game our professor chooses my other classmate to become a goal keeper. Because my blockmate Is more flexible, faster compare to us. I want to be a goal keeper, but I want to play inside the field too. Because everyone said “If you Ilke what you are doing, you’re going to excel on it” _ But I don’t have hard feeling because they don’t choose me as a player inside the field. I’m so happy because our players have teamwork during the game but it acks of communication in each other.

Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. Being a student of ma’am graJo Is a great opportunity because she always told us “Alam niyo naman na di ako sanay matalff’, Nakaka pressure but Is also challenge us to aim for the goal, The achievement is not only for us but it is also for our mentor, because she molds us to become a better player in the game. I surely miss this experience during our second semester and especially our professor In PE4 and the Interclass tournament.

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