Reaction – A patriot under thes of Confederation Assignment

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My father was friends tit Samuel Addams and one cold winter night I snuck out, following my father, as I knew something big was about to happen. Father had been ranting all through supper how Parliament needed to be taught a lesson and he and Sam had gathered several men to protest this taxation without our consents Hidden In the fog on the night on December 16, 1773, at the age of fifteen; I watched as my father, along with several other men dressed as Indians, threw barrels and barrels of tea shipped from the East India Company into the waters of the harbor. It was this event that made e determined, Like my father, to remain true as a patriot and take a stance against the imperial government. This night was just the beginning of the political, economical, and social issues that I witnessed throughout the next two decades. Even with the odds stacked against me, I enlisted in the Continental Army because politically, I was determined to lade In making America a free country. Great Britain had violated Americans liberty with the King’s numerous tax acts and Infringed on our rights as Englishmen.

Because we colonists spoke out about our grievances against the crown, King George 1117 determined that we were traitors and rebellious. The Declaration of Independence was written and no longer would my America live under Monarchical rule. L. Along with many Americans fought a dangerous war under deplorable conditions in order to attain personal liberty and freedom from tyranny. Successful in our war and attaining our freedom from Great Britain, the United States went on to approve the Articles of Confederation in order to set up a national government In 1777. While Initially It seemed as If political freedom from anarchical rule and the crown is what I and many other patriots wanted the new central government was weak. 9 America seemed to be leery of giving too many rights to a national government as we did not want national sovereignty like we had under that of Great Britain. 10 One example of the Articles of Confederation’s political weakness was that It failed to define the military In regards to who held command and what equitable pay meant. L, once a soldier under Washington’s command, was affected and failed to be paid the monies I was promised upon enlisting in the

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Continental Army. The wealthy gentry took command of the military and common soldiers, Like me, wanted to be able to choose our leaders. 1 1 In addition, 1 OFF power within the Articles of the Confederation led to financial difficulties for many colonists and patriots, like me. My financial status was Just as poor, if not worse, than prior to our independence from Great Britain. American ships were banned from trading with the British West Indies and this forced many merchants, like my father, to find new ways to trade. 3 This ban from trading with the British West Indies did, forever, lead to welcomed trade with China and ultimately led to profitable trade for some. 14 Nonetheless, under the Articles of Confederation, congress could not raise money by collecting taxes, could not regulate trade, and failed to provide a uniform system of currency. 15 We may have attained our independence from the mother land, but most Americans were bankrupt and in financial ruins. The now independent America did not fare any better socially. The wealthy seemed to retain control and the economic difficulties of the poor were the source of much social conflict and disorder. The wealthy growing richer and implementing control bothered me a great deal. I had fought like many others to acquire independence and freedom; to build a nation of equality in which all people, regardless of whom they were born, could flourish. Unfortunately, this did not occur after we won our independence from Great Britain. Each state enacted its’ own taxation and creditors enforced debt collection on those who no longer had financial worth to give. 17 The new central government attained very limited power over the statuses and failed to make colonists feel secure.

Many farmers, some of whom had fought in the Revolutionary War, were faced with losing their farms as creditors demanded their monies. Under Daniel Shay, a former army officer, farmers marched to the Court of Common Pleas and closed the court as a revolt against the creditors. 19 My reasoning for enlisting in the Continental Army and my ideas of freedom, liberty, and equality for all are a bit inconsistent with how my nation has proceeded after America won the Revolutionary War. Our founding fathers sought to create a nation that was completely opposite than that which we came from under Great Britain.

The American Revolution only served to exert political change and possibly the fear of once again having a nation that was ruled under a hierarchy ultimately led to a very weak central government as our founding fathers were hesitant to give too much power to a central governmental. L, a retired Continental soldier in Boston, still remain true to my ethical stance and would enlist as a one of George Washington’s soldiers, if given the chance again. We are still a very young nation and I believe that there is much political, economic, and social change to come. I also believe that this change will be positive.

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