Osmosis and the Egg Lab Report Assignment

Osmosis and the Egg Lab Report Assignment Words: 463

On Day 2, the main question we had to answer was what happens to the egg’s mass when it sits in a WA term or saltwater solution for 30 minutes? I hypothesized that the egg will lose grams because the salt will make the water go outside the cell causing it toss hiring. On day 3, the main question we answered was what happens to the e eggs mass when it sits in a syrup solution for 24 hours? I hypothesized that it would gain mass because of how thick the syrup solution was. Method Day 1 : On day we set up our experiment in the first solution which was vinegar.

We had to bring a raw egg to school. My partner ( S. ) and I place d both of our eggs in a cup and put our names on the cup. I poured vinegar over our eggs. After that, we placed our cup where the teacher told us to. Day 2 : When we got to class, we got our cups that our eggs were in. We used a spoon to remove the eggs and rinsed it off carefully and dried it with paper towels. We g to two cups for each egg and first got the mass of the cup and them the mass of each e egg plus the cup. We then determined the mass of the egg alone and recorded the data.

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I then predicted if I thought the Egg 1 would gain, lose, or stay the as me mass after it was placed in a cup of water for 30 minutes. Next, predicted i f thought the Egg 2 would gain, lose, or stay the same mass after it was place d in a cup of saltwater for 30 minutes. We then put the water overage 1 and t he saltwater over Egg 2 and waited 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes was up , we removed the eggs and emptied the solutions. We massed the eggs once gag main and recorded the data. I predicted what I thought would happen to the eggs if they were placed in pancake syrup for 24 hours.

We then covered both eggs in syrup and put them in a safe place. Day 3 : When we got to class we grabbed our cups and carefully removed the syrup from the eggs. We placed a thin disposable tray on the scale and zeroed the scale off. We then placed Egg 1 on the tray and recorded the mass shown. We repeat d that step for Egg 2 and recorded the mass. After we rinsed off everything we us De. We got to have fun with the egg after we finished the lab. We broke both eggs shell (what was r imagining) and got to observe the changes in the cytoplasm and nucleus.

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