Lab Report Chromatography Assignment

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The only one that is kind of close to the table values are the Brussels sprouts on the yellow-green pigment. Evaluation: To conduct my experiment I used several instruments of measuring that have an uncertainty value. The ruler I used had an uncertainty of 0. 5 mm. Obviously it would have been better if I used more advanced and exact ways of measuring computerized). However, all in all the calculation of my results was very acceptable. There are several things that I would consider as improvements if I was to do this experiment again.

First of all, would have a set color range. By this mean that I would have next to me a paper with different colors and their names when looking at my chromatography paper. This way, I wouldn’t make any mistakes when describing the colors because every person has different opinions and views when it comet to giving a name at a certain shade of a color. In my experiment another key improvement I could suggest is to really focus on the hermaphrodite paper and nothing else.

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This would help a lot because it is crucial to have the exact distance of the solvent front (and in general it helps to stay concentrated on the experiment). Finally, I would make the same person do all of the experiments. My reason for this suggestion is because when we did our experiment in class each leaf type was given to three different groups and this could affect the results since each person has their own ways of doing things even if they all follow the same method. While this would take much more time, I believe that the results would also be much more accurate.

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