Heat of Reaction Hess s Law Lab Assignment

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If the NaOH pellets were not dissolved properly this would have given incorrect results and altered results. To correct or avoid this type of mistake it is more efficient to use heated water this would insure that the pellets are dissolved. The third mistake that may have been done is also related to the NaOH pellets. When weighing the pellets on the scale there could have been too much or too little which could also affect the concentration altering the experimental results. It is essential that the right mount is taken for accurate results.

Another mistake is linked to filling the burette with the NaOH solution. This last mistake deals with inaccurate reading and clumsiness. By not filling the burette to the 100mL mark the readings that have to be done will be inaccurate. Hence, it is important that when filling the burette the measuring is done correctly. In order to avoid this type of mistake one should separate the burette from the retort stand and then continue to fill it. The following can make the 100mL mark more visible and allows control on how much solution is being added, all of this will allow ork to be done with accuracy.

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Lastly, it is essential to have materials that are thoroughly cleaned so that the final results are not affected by outer factors. Reagents and other substances could be present in the materials which may affect the overall lab results. It is also important that the materials are not damaged or broken because this can alter and create inaccurate results. Conclusion: As a whole, based on the experiment conducted the No Name Brand vinegar does not meet the standards that is required by the Canadian regulations and standards.

The concentration of acetic acid was found to be 3. 72% whereas it would have to fall between 4-5%. Overall due to 3. 72 percent being below 4-5% as a CAA analytical chemist it would not be right to allow this brand to be distributed and sold in stores. It is better to not sell this product because it does not meet the standards and it may be dangerous and harm some people if it is sold. Future Technologies The HP Digital Titration Screening is a efficient technology that dispenses small amounts of base into acid within seconds.

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