Gel Electrophoresis Lab Report Assignment

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To examine DNA and RNA, the fragments are placed in the garage wells and an electrical charge is sent through, pushing the negatively chi argued molecules towards the positive side. The smaller the molecule, the less re’s stance it will face when hitting the pores of the gel, and the farther it will travel. Restriction enzymes are short nucleotide sequences used to cut DNA into o segments, separating the fragment into pieces. When cut, two different ends will be produced, a sticky end or a blunt end.

When a sticky end is created, it makes the double helix staggered, one end chills with an over hang above the other. These ends can connect to an identical sequence cut y the same restriction enzymes or a very similar end. Blunt ends are created when a restriction enzyme cuts the double helix evenly. Materials One will need buffer solution, pipettes, an electrophoresis chamber, agrees, and three DNA samples consisting of an uncut sample, and a sample cut with Score and one cut with Handbill to complete this lab.

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Methods To start things off, the gel must be created. The mold has two open ends, thereof must be taped tightly and repetitively. After pouring the agrees liquid into t he mold, it is mandatory that a ‘comb’ is placed in the mold to create the w ells as the liquid solidifies. After 20 minutes, it has solidified, remove the c mob and the tap and place the gel in the chamber. The buffer solution is used to deliver the current to the agrees gel. Pour the buffer solution so it covers the gel.

Add one of each sample of DNA to separate wells using a pipette. Cover the chamber and make sure the negative side o f the circuit is on the same side as the wells. After two hours of sitting in the electricity, remove the gel and stain it. Rinse the gel thoroughly and let it sit in water for a day. Results My petting must have been atrocious for only one of our t ere DNA samples, the uncut sample, was visible. The UNC UT strand traveled two centimeters, forming no bands as it was uncut.

Discussion Our attempt at gel electrophoresis showed unbelievable potent al, though I would describe it as feeble at best. In comparison w tit the lab manuals, our wimpy sample conquered a whopping . 65 CM less than the average uncut bacterial DNA. We lacked results from the E COIR and Handbill samples altogether. The uncut sample was large, no doubt, as it traveled 14th of the entire gel. Of the numerous places we could have made mistakes, there are three that wow d have created the most devastating end results.

First off, we left Eleanor in c hare of sealing the ends of the mold and placing the comb. Had the comb not been cleanly drawn out of the gel it could have damaged the wells. Second, who en petting the DNA in, the genetic ooze may have been drawn out of the we II by the current created when pulling the insertion device out. Rendering that well and sample a bust. Third, and least likely, the gel may have been shocked for too long. I repeat, this is very unlikely as our wonderful and beautiful teacher conducted this part of the experiment.

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