Discuss the Impact Nanotechnology will have on Modern Assignment

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Funnyman suggested that in the future it would be possible to precisely manipulate atoms and molecules. It was not until 1981, when the scanning tunneling microscope (which allowed scientists to see individual atoms) was created, that nanotechnology began to be developed (Rouse, 2005; United States Nanotechnology Initiative, 2014; Nanotechnology, 2009). Nanotechnology is described as evolutionary and revolutionary, as it will not only bring about new medical procedures, but also revolutionist the current ones. Nanotechnology will also assist with the development of producing more effective sources of energy.

It can be argued that with the development new technologies, weapons will also be advanced. Nanotechnology may also cause a loss of Jobs and certain stock markets to crash, such as diamond, oil and steel. The use of nanotechnology in the medicine will revolutionist the way diseases and damage to the mind and body are detected and treated. This new branch of health care is called medicines and it’s developing at a rapid rate. There are countless applications of medicines that are currently being created by researchers.

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According to Bosses (2007) and Candle (2014) the use f inappropriate to deliver drugs directly to disease or injury. This would allow doctors to treat diseases such as cancer directly and more effectively. Not only would using nanotechnology as a way to deliver drugs be more effective than previous methods, but it would also be a much safer technique, as the inappropriate are attracted to the damaged cell and will therefore directly bypass the safe and healthy cells (Australian Centre for Medicines, 2014; What’s. Com, 2014; University of Southern California, 2014).

Another way nanotechnology will be used in medicine is as a detection tool. By using inappropriate that attach and release a signal when they come into contact with diseased cells, scientists will be able to detect and diagnose diseases in their early stages, which will allow doctors to offer treatment at that same time, rather than having to wait for test results (Boson, 2014; Williams, et al. , 2014). Scientists have Just begun to develop nanotechnology and already it is clear that it will not only revolutionist the health care industry but many other areas such as green energy.

One of the biggest aims for technology in the future is to provide a Discuss the Im on Modern Soc By cardiology’s Discuss the impact annotate Nanotechnology is defined to attitudinal systems at an individual atoms and mole Nanotechnology Initiative, 2 Enterprises {1586). Funfair, TLS brought about ;n 1939 nanotechnology was not us possible to precisely MAPI the scanning tunneling was created, that annotated Nanotechnology Integrative, as evolutionary and revolute procedures. But also revolve With the development to pr argued Tar with the devil Nanotechnology may also c dirndl. 11 and SST revolutionist the way disease treacle This new branch ii a rapid rate There are court being created by researcher f inappropriate to deliver ( doctors to treat diseases us using nanotechnology as a ‘ methods. But it would also attracted to damaged c’ cells (Australian Centre for Southern California, 2014). , as a detection tool. Dye come Into contact with dies diseases in their early stage time, rather than having to scientists have lust begun t Will not only revolutionist green energy.

One of the bi reliable source of energy. Scientists believe that annotate this. Nanotechnology will be able to improve conventions fuels and nuclear fuels and also the way renewable inner problem with how renewable energy is harvested (solar act that it is too expensive. Nanotechnology will offer the lighter and stronger materials, but cheaper materials. The panels and wind turbines to drop dramatically, consequently leading to the mass installations (Bosses, 2007).

According to Hollister (2007), solar energy would be enough energy harvested in 1 minute to run all week. As nanotechnology will make renewable energy m current forms of energy, such as carbon fuels will become environment will be greatly improved (Silversides, 2013; numerous ways that nanotechnology will help to benefit of the most beneficial things scientists are currently dive team energy from inappropriate. It was found that whew inappropriate, steam is created. This process can be use where there is no electricity (Bosses, 2007; Gillette, 2002).

I nanotechnology is paving that way for a cleaner and Greer improvement of energy, allows the opportunity for strong One of the downfalls in the development of nanotechnology fall into the hands of criminals and terrorists, as it could stronger and more efficient weapons. If this were to coco would be put at risk, which is not an ideal situation. It’s b to keep control of where nanotechnology is used will be ill make accessing nanotechnology all the more easier f use it in the wrong way. It will not only criminals and terra potential to harness annotate weapons and use them De countries.

As weapons constructed from nanotechnology weapons, in the way that they do not create mass desert that in the scenario of a war breaking out, that a country use annotate weapons as they would be to use an atomic as a weapon of war poses a much greater threat than an fact that there are many more ways to apply nanotechnology therefore is a greater danger to society than any other pr Responsible Nanotechnology, 2002; Nanotechnology, 200 onside to the introduction of nanotechnology is the 10 some markets would crash.

Nanotechnology is the proceed atom by atom from the ground up, this will create the pop as oil and diamonds to be manufactured on a wide scale market value of these items to be lowered to the point w the certain market to crash. This process will take place good, and therefore will cause substantial Job losses in a manufacturing of goods. This will also have a great effect nanotechnology will bring about the ability to create produce from scratch, therefore eliminating the need to have traditional farming systems.

This will severely affect the economy and cause a depression equivalent to that of the Great Depression in countries that are economically dependent on agriculture, such as Australia. Nanotechnology is often called the modern industrial revolution and Just like the industrial revolution, it will revolutionist every aspect of society. The health care system will be the first to receive the revolutionary impact of nanotechnology with amazing new procedures being introduced. Another important area that nanotechnology will have a great impact on the production of a more efficient and reliable source of energy.

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