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Even though this book is far fetched it got me intrigued about Bio-Nanotechnology and its many possible uses, As of now there is no definition or brief summary of what Bio-nanotechnology is so he best way to explain what this research topic is about, is that before nanotechnology had the term Bio placed in front of it all it meant was that if you were a major in nanotechnology you were able to create for instance a computer chip the size of 10 NM (or ten manometers), and at the same time there were scientists looking into things such as genetically engineering crops this fell into the category of Biotechnology which is technology on a biological scale. Well, given that nanotechnology allows one to pinpoint things as small as cells in eventually got into the Biotechnology category as well but since nanotechnology is at a cellular level it allows tasks such as genetically engineering crops not as difficult and actually allows for much more room for improvement on allowing more production on the crop.

So since nanotechnology can be used for practically anything regarding Biotechnology it got sort of renamed as bio-nanotechnology since now even things that were just Biotechnology now include nanotechnology as w ell, for example approximately seventy six percent of American soybean crop was genetically modified and around thirty two percent of corn in 2002. I believe that this wows how important it is to know about this technology, even the seedless watermelon was part of this, the watermelon was modified to not reproduce itself making it so that there are no seeds inside the watermelon. The main goal for the research of bio-nanotechnology is to better the human race in cases such as medicine, exploration, and many other subjects since Just AIBO anything with a cell is up for grab within bio-nanotechnology. This technology is showing to be quite useful in medicine giving that it can single out cells and attack them which would be essential to eradicating the disease or sickness at hand.

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This controversial topic is growing within our world and has an endless amount of possibilities, and is something that can’t Just be brush under the rug. Page Two This research in particular has many people already reaping the benefits, such as in India they are using bio-nanotechnology to make the nation feel more at ease with their own supply of food. In this particular event Indian’s minister at the time stated that bio-nanotechnology boosted the crop output and helped in crop protection. The Indian minister at the time also stated the in The past decade the use of this technology has resulted in an increase in rope productivity, lowering the cost of production, and increasing the stability crop production by reducing the losses due to biotic stress.

The use of bio- nanotechnology in the fields of agriculture is nothing new to the world and what industry analysts believe that by 2015 more than forty percent of the food industries will be including nanotechnology. This technological advancement is making food much less of an issue for many as making crop to be harder to die by normal circumstances that would have possibly ended the crops production before they were modified, this increases the money made for Just about everyone involved. Another way bio-nanotechnology is being used is in medicine. I think its safe to say that if doctors were able t pinpoint and attack individual types of cells that make us sick or a certain disease it would make things much easier for them to treat or cure the individual with very minimal risk.

One example of this is (ADEPT) or Antibody Directed Enzyme Proud Therapy, which in short what this research indicate is that by applying bio-nanotechnology and applying medicine in the cell like machines, the Anna bots only require a low concentration of the medicine do and when infect the specified area are capable of making the local incineration of the active drug very high, what this means is that this therapy is safer and more effective than a high dose of the medicine. Sadly though this method is still in the clinical trial due to some of the complexity concerning bio-nanotechnology. The United Kingdom in 2004 had received a funding package of a large sum of money to be put forth towards bio- nanotechnology fighting against bio-terrorism. The United Kingdom company Insight Ltd was to develop a new method of creating artificial antibodies that could identify early signs of a possible biological attack.

This technology is ere applicable to about everything even the military has been able to find uses for it such as what the United Kingdom is doing. Bio-nanotechnology is also being heavily looked into by NASA, one of Anna’s projects is ANTS or ( Autonomous Nanotechnology Swarm ) the purpose of this project is to allow for a more efficient way to explore space and find things out about our other planets in our galaxy. What ANTS is supposed to do is act like a social insect colony where the labor is split into two ways, first within their specialties, individual specialists generally outperform generalists. Second with sufficiently efficient social interaction and coordination, the group of specialists generally outperforms the group of generalists.

So basically the average ANTS will follow the specialist that regards to what their specific purpose is and follows it most likely as a leader and follows the example set forth. Many people believe that nanotechnology is going to be the next big thing for military advancements, fighting terrorism, medicine, agriculture, and space exploration advancements as well. There are currently about five hundred companies researching bio-nanotechnology. This market is predicted to grow about twenty eight percent more from 2005, through 2015. The researchers in Germany have made a major breakthrough in the field of bio- Page Three nanotechnology and with their breakthrough it has allowed us to deepen our understanding of regulator process in biology.

Thanks to bio-nanotechnology many paths have been opened for us as a race this scientific topic has the capabilities and is already on the course to dramatically change our world as we know it, information will be more accessibly opened to the public since their will be cellular sized cameras Jotting down everything that happens, I live that this will greatly increase the spread of information from person to person and even country to country way more than it already is given how fast information could be collected with cellular size cameras filming everything while you can’t even notice you are getting filmed. Recently the United States and Canada scientific researchers have created a global alliance for bio-Anna electronics. The focus of this research will be to see how much nanotechnology, stem cell research, and biomedical engineering, and imaging of the brain and spinal cord, in order to better fight off neurological diseases.

The COED or( Organization for Economic cooperation and development ) predicted the possible potential of the socio-economic impacts of nanotechnology, for instance COED predicts that the markets potential socio-economic impact is suspected to be significant in terms of the market size for nanotechnology related products. As for companies involving bio-nanotechnology there will be a increase of companies wanting to dive into the possibilities of bio- nanotechnology, even though the United States is number one in the majority of nanotechnology companies, that could very well change given the next few years. The products including nanotechnology in them right now are mostly consumer goods such as cosmetics, clothing, personal care, and sporting equipment the United States is currently the biggest distributor of such products.

A great possible socio-economic impact of nanotechnology would also be employment, if this industry takes off like it should there may very well may be as many as about two million new nanotechnology-related Jobs created globally by 2015, and most of those Jobs will most likely be in the United States given we are in the lead for nanotechnology based companies and products already. The type of paper I have written I believe to be a expository paper since I believe I have explained some of the major parts of nanotechnology and its place in our world today by presenting factual statements, even though there are some predictions which indeed is not a factual statement but definitely shows much merit and sufficient amount of research to backup that statement as well if you decide to go through my References and look more deeply on some things I may of left out.

Examples of how this is an expository paper is how this paper would inform one on bio-nanotechnology and how it is already involved in so much of our life already, also showed some of the major parts of this technology and the current projects such as in space exploration, medicine, agriculture, food, and the military. This paper informs the reader of what bio-nanotechnology is gives them an idea of what some of the purposes for this technology is, and what some of the major components in life that could potentially happen by the year of 2015 which is not so far ahead of The main reasons I have chosen this topic and research statement is, first because I have personally done a decent amount of research into this topic for a little while now Page four ND is a very controversial topic.

Such as the site “http://www. Entrepreneur. C That put in perspective the potential of nanotechnology, and h fundamentally change our nation and the way it works. It gouges investors may use nanotechnology to already improve their exes means that investors already counterclaiming their products m nanotechnology to better their products and make it usually chi understandable to the public and how it relates to their lives so buy the product or choose to invest in it as the entrepreneurs h “http://mar. Pub. Nun-munched. De/31362/” explains how invests nanotechnology. The way this site explains how investing in Nan an investors dream is the use of scenarios.

Since nanotechnology possibilities in which nanotechnology may be used there are m which this nonpolitical technology may be used in the world the already proposing the possibility of scenarios that possibly terra nanotechnology may be a way for the terrorist to attack many c either believe are doing things the wrong way or the way that c through moral human means, these investors are placing their development of nanotechnology and the infinite possibilities the human race in extraordinary ways that could very well change making nanotechnology the biggest deal in our world making it where as the major investors would like to Jump in to this probe change the world it will be around for a long time, allowing man released in the name of nanotechnology, which making profit the time crazy large due to the influence of nanotechnology. Anon nanotechnology has inflicted the business world is that the mil nanotechnology very intensely, by seeing that the use of annotate developing little machines to detect the possible terrorist poop nanotechnology and block them out as a way to defend the terra by the site of “http://search. Prosiest. Com/deceive/445765986? A which is the United Kingdom using nanotechnology as a way to terrorism.

NASA has also found a purpose for the research tech nanotechnology for space exploration, by allowing cell size Nan transform into objects such as a rover to identify objects unknown to us as humans to ways that we can understand what is happening to the other planets around us ND what is in store for us as a planet and a race. This information is brought to you by “http://ants. Gaffs. NASA. Gob/Archangel. HTML ” Which explains how NASA tends to use nanotechnology for the better of the human race. The reason I chose these resources is that I believe theses sites explain very well the purpose of nanotechnology within the business world and how it could very well change everything that we know as a race. Resources: http://www. Entrepreneur. Com/article/170774 Author: Amanda C. Cookers Date:November 17, 2006 http://mar. Pub. Nun-munched. De/31362/ Author: None Date: May 25th, 2004

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