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In Saint Francis Saver’s letter on the missions to India In 1549 he discussed his unsuccessful journeys and how unwilling the Indians were with little converts wowing how their previous religion remained the majority. Later, the Japanese Shogun passed many laws restricting Christianity and threatened those by Call time and if they were informed against them they were even rewarded! Even more laws were passed by the Japanese Shogun in 1639 that declared that if the Christians attempted anything evil they were to be punished.

After the Japanese Shogun made all the limits against Christianity King Louis XIV of France sent a letter to the Kind of Tontine in 1681 saying how the one thing he wanted to do was parade the word of God and for them to profess their faith while in the response from the King of Tontine to Louis XIV he clearly states that he wants nothing to do with the religion and to keep it away from their country.

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The letter was written for Just King Louis XIV to see and the King of Tontine very explicitly stated he wanted no contact with the French because they had previous religions present that make him very opinionated favoring his religion that make his reply so harsh. Very clearly, the Aslant societies did not want any religious contact with any Europeans. The Japanese and the Chinese were able to restrict trade contact with the west as well as religious.

The Japanese restricted trade in the decree of the Shogun in 1635 by restricting that there shall be no trade and If you leave you will be put to death. They even say if a ship is seen coming report it to Eddo and watch over it for suspicious activity. The Chinese definitely restricted trade activity in the decree of Emperor Ganglion addressed to King George In England in 1720 in response of the English attempting to create a trade relationship with the Chinese.

The Emperor states that if an Englishman should come to their country they will never leave and be forced to practice their customs and basically declared that they do not need any of their goods because they do not like their foreign objects. Although the Chinese and Japanese could restrict them very well, the others were not as well off. Then there were the empires that had little luck In restricting the trade and settlement of the Europeans in their home land. In Japan the only influence the Europeans had was when they brought of the guns and they were marveled.

Lord Tokomak wrote all about his experience in 1 558 and he even purchased a few guns from them because he liked them but that was about all the trading the Japanese ever did. Later, Jean Baptists Travertine who was a French gun merchant traveled to India In 1670 and he explains how the English and Dutch have become part of Sugar and how sly they are In means of getting gold. He also says that they received a Travertine has a very biased opinion because he is in major competition with the other European cultures and they were receiving all of this special treatment.

The intended audience was for himself in later times so he could go back to his experiences because this was recorded in a Journal. There is a map of India by the 1700;s and it exemplifies how much of India has been taken so far, which is Just along the coastline while in the second diagram is Just a map of India marking where all the British control areas are and they markings take over the whole area showing heir submission to the English and the lack of defense they had against them.

The next map shows the Far East Trading Factories in Southeast Asia by 1760 and a majority of the land was taken over by the factories because they were islands which made it easier to gain power and earn their submission because of being outnumbered. Overall, in Southeast Asia and India there was a difficult time remaining in control of their own land and successfully limiting their contact with the Europeans. An extra source that would be helpful to contributing to a stronger response to

European contact in Asia would be if there was a source from a merchant that came from Europe and landed in Southeast Asia to see how easy or difficult it actually was for them to conquer the land and establish all of those trading posts across the land. In the end, Asian societies had little problems keeping Christianity out of their lands. Some countries though, such as Southeast Asia and McHugh India, had difficulty keeping the traders and eventually conquerors off of their land while it was so easy for the Chinese and Japanese due to their location and strength.

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