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A Catalyst of Change “Who is that girl see staring straight back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don’t know? Somehow I cannot hide who I am though I’ve tried When will my reflection show who I am inside? ‘ Sometimes, people tend to be in this stage – deeply bewildered with who really they are. They see a strange reflection mirrored after them. There is this state of identity crisis as they contemplate with the various stereotypes in the society they are in. People live life as compared to Manual wherein she acknowledged that she can’t live up to society’s expectations for a girl if she

Wants to be herself. Thus, she took many instances Of rule breaking. She broke a rule by deciding not to be a perfect woman then moved straight to breaking another rule by pretending to be a man. Her commitment is not also totally suited to the Confucian belief of Filial Piety which is respect for parents because it seemed to be that of going against her family’s wishes, or impersonating her father. This is shortly before she took on her fathers armor and left to join the army. She felt that her personality is not fitted for a perfect bride as she failed the expectations of the matchmaker.

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She has the slim body that characterizes a Chinese woman. She also has a glowing and pure skin. However, digging into her inside, she doesn’t have a desire to become a sophisticated lady a man aspires for. Her manners are not so good. She don’t even know how to serve a tea showing dignity to please her future in-laws. She does things clumsily. Her self-worth was very low and she considered herself as an embarrassment to her family. This is so because pleasing the matchmaker can bring honor to her family as well. Unfortunately, she failed.

In an omniscient perspective, it can be seen that people don’t always succeed pleasing others with their fake personalities. Somehow, they can’t really hide what and who they are with what they are trying to wear on the outside because the truth will still subside at the bottom line. The fact that they are trying to do as the society pleads to them, makes them lost. They deceive themselves as they let others take over their driver’s seat as they go along their journey. One obvious example of this is the rampant change of gender sexuality in some people.

There are those that are hiding their true personality because they are afraid to show what they really re. They tend to bring out what others especially their family want them to be. They hardly wear masks when they are at home and remove it when they socialize and hang out with friends. However, reality shows that majority of them sees failure at the end. It is hard because the heart and the mind are not mutual with each other. What the heart desires is being blocked by the mandate of the mind. This is the reason why some people hardly understand themselves.

They try to blind themselves with the things that they hear. They are often passive and they can’t locate their own self. They stand before there’ convictions that they cannot see the direct way to trudge on. It was also clear that the roles of men and women are explicitly different: “We all must serve our Emperor, who guards us from the Hunt. A man by bearing arms, a girl by bearing sons. ” With this, one is expected to have a right gender role in the society. However, Manual is a self-motivating heroine.

She defied patriarchal system that says women aren’t allowed in combat in order to help those she loves. She was determined to go to the war in lieu of his father because she doesn’t want him to end his life trying to protect their place from he invading hands of the Hunt. She had searched her freedom and therefore proved that her sex has nothing to do with her ability to face her opponents. Though, she may not have the strength as of a man, she still has the intellect and she used it to outsmart them. The challenge made her release what is inside her and she proved that hers is stronger and even greater.

This just proves that an individual don’t need to be passive as he try to direct himself with the vision of others. People have different characteristics that make them unique over the others aside from their finger and tongue prints. All hey have to do is to be sincere always with their own. They have to follow their heart’s desire because they don’t know what awaits them at the end of the long race. One may be persecuted by others, but as long as he do what he know is right, then he must not worry about everything. What is hard for many is that they always base their decisions with others.

They choose to go with the flow. They don’t have that self-esteem that they can be a victor in their own ways. They have the fear of failing them. However, who do they really live for? Is it for the people who continue to be an audience to their own how, or for themselves who make the show? Whatever people try to argue with, they always end to the reality that nothing can draw their life except them who manage it. It is up to them on how they drive the pen to create a stroke every single moment. It may also be a traditional notion to follow such gender roles.

The world is running in a haste to meet the demands of time. Everything is becoming so diverse and dynamic that no one can be blamed for breaking it. There you see some freedom but do you really have it considering such limitations? This you take it as a stronghold that gender troopers are just mere collection of ideals for each sex. You don’t have to be always dependent on this because you also need to see a new perspective out of it. If there’s a need for innovations, then be a catalyst for it. Looking to the other perspective of the story, Manual has the reasons of breaking those rules.

It was his intimate relationship with his father. Kind of significant bond between a father and a daughter. Manual and her father’s connection is very strong and the biggest factor that changed her as a protagonist is her love and responsibilities to take care of her family. She was determined to do everything for her family’s sake especially his father. This shows that one is willing to sacrifice everything just for the one they love. Even how harmful will it be, they still take steps because they know that it’s the best way to show how much they care for them.

It was even shown at the end of the movie that Manual brought him the sword and the gift of the emperor as a proof of her success in defeating Shank You. However, her father just said that nothing is more important or the greatest gift still is his daughter’s presence. Although Manual committed a sinful act by breaking rules, she was still loved by his ether. The relationship was still there unaffected. There is really a special bond that connects between the two that no one or nothing can obliterate. There you see too that reality checks!

Whatever you have gained, whatever you have become, there are still the ones who are ready to embrace you. There are still the ones who are ready to welcome and accept you and they are your parents. No one can really hide it because the love cannot be even measured by its width and depth and height. This reality can also be gleaned to the parable of a prodigal son that despite his son’s mistakes, he still elected him wholeheartedly. This even made the other son jealous because his father did not mind about how he rebelled against him.

What is important is that, he Was once gone but now, he saw his comeback. The fact that he is already present removes the anger or anything that mediates their intimate relationship with each other. There may still be some times that they cannot understand you because they still don’t know everything. All they see is the fragment of what you are doing. They think that you are losing your track as you intoxicate yourselves with the wine others offer you. What you don’t know and what starts an argument is just you can’t understand each other with the generation gap.

Too much worry also adds to it. On the other hand, part two teaches every individual about the value of partnership. It says in a song that one alone is not enough, you need both together. It was even symbolized by the necklaces-??Yin and Yang. The two are blatantly different with each other. Its shape and color differs it however, they were still fitted and they complement with each other. This makes one understand that two individuals must work together with their differences. Even in life per SE, one can’t be contented with a monotonous life.

Anyone still needs to have something different. As what others say, spices complete the flavor. One needs both the opposites. In the same manner, an individual needs a partner who has an ironic characteristic as what he/ she has. In this regard, one will try to arrange the puzzle and they will both fill their gaps. Moreover, acceptance of the differences gives also a justification on how intimate and how strong the bond of one’s relationship Experiences show that a relationship is effective when the two exemplifies preferences. This makes the bond more mutual and more interesting.

There may be some instances that one will turn to a cat while the other one will turn to a dog but the love that binds the two will still prevail. The warmth of their emotions can melt the hailstone that tries to mediate them. This shows that differences try to balance the motion. When one is quite going to the east, one hand tries to grab him showing him the west direction. It keeps the two moving straight in the line. The important thing too is that one learns something from the other. It makes one discover a new or different respective and will make his/her horizon wider than its usual coverage.

However, I am not in favor with their fixed marriage culture. It was just so ironic and ineffective because marriage is a sacred thing. It unites ;o bodies into one flesh. How can someone let this ceremony be done without having feelings for the person they will marry? Yes, it may bring honor and respect to the highness but is it really moral to have it? Considering the fact that you have not yet known the person for a long time and you don’t have yet enough details about him. It may also be appallingly obvious that fixed marriages aridly work out for there is no strong foundation of the relationship.

It may have a good start but when the time comes that there will be some barriers, its foundation can be easily broken. This is considered as one of the traditional ways of marriages because this Was even used to seal peace between former enemies. However, there are still those who try to be drowned with it. The most extreme reason is the parental influence in which the bride and groom has no say at all. Parents tend to plan fixed marriages for their children to combine the forces of the wow especially when they own companies or when they are well-known because of wealth.

There are those that survives because they learned to love and tame each other’s heart but majority still compromise that it’s a failure. This signifies that a relationship without a strong foundation of love, which is the most urgent thing that will glue them, can be easily devastated. There can be a notion that the relationship can still grow because you can learn to love a person too. However, this situation continues to be shaken with the numerous what ifs. What if one can’t really learn to love the other one? What f one could see the advantage of having the other one but just have a feeling for him/her as a friend?

What if the foundation can’t withstand their tests? Sometimes, it is so disgusting because the culture spells what and who every individual is going to be. It monopolized the minds and cages people against their freedom. Can’t anyone be a catalyst of change? Sometimes one can also do it. The only problem is that he/she become selfless that he/she thinks how the society will accept it. There people see that they are often dependent on the society. Perhaps, with the movie, one can be convinced to be a catalyst of change!

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