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Getting the right amount of nutrients from the five food groups, fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, milk and dairy, fats and sugars and protein, are necessary to keep them from malnutrition. Malnutrition can happen when someone’s diet does not contain the right amount of nutrients and can either cause underproduction which may lead to famine, bulimia or anorexia nervous and can restrict someone from growth and from recovering from a disease or it can lead to the opposite, overturning, which may allow to obesity or being overweight which can then lead to chronic heart diseases and diabetes.

Both, underproduction and overturning, are very life threatening conditions and should always try to be prevented. Which part of this unit do you think you will find most difficult? In this unit I think I will find remembering what foods come under the five different food groups and what each food group will be able to give someone the most difficult as Vive always had trouble with this. Which aspects of health and nutrition do you find most Interesting?

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The aspects that I find most interesting of health and nutrition is when comparing and finding out the right nutrition and diets needed for someone who is for example an athlete and someone else who is unemployed and finding out the differences between them. With these examples they will need different diets involving different amounts from the five food groups as the athlete will need a lot of energy but the unemployed will hardly need any compared to the athlete, also depending on the other activities that they both may take part in.

Additionally, being able to find out the body mass index (IBM) which is a scale that can be used to see if someone is underweight, normal, obese, morbidly obese or super morbidly obese, of other people in deferent situations is also interesting and Important. The IBM of everyone can defer due to someone’s age, height, weight and Job etc, It can be calculated by someone’s weight been delved by their height. There are a lot of talk In the media about health Issues and obesity; It Is costing the INS a lot of financial worries trying to sort people out who are poor ? Duce these issues.

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