The evolution of Technology Assignment

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Kids are connected to the internet this way. The way genealogy is evolving using the internet on their pads is part of their everyday routine. They will be a lot more educated than kids growing up without internet because they will have been connected to a lot more information and resources through the web. Kids without internet could be affected later on in life when they are applying for colleges, or looking for Jobs. They will not be up to date with how our world is using the internet and that will be a problem for them in the future.

Kids growing up without internet won’t be as educated as kids growing up with internet. They’ll be less connected to social media and less connected to the knowledge that roams throughout the web. Books that are in library’s aren’t as up to date as the internet is. One can search the web and find what they are looking for within a matter of seconds. On the other hand, searching through a library or book store isn’t as fast. When kids are growing up without the internet they aren’t as connected to the world socially.

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One may argue that newspapers are a way of connecting with the world. Yes, that’s true, but can a newspaper inform someone on omitting that happens, as soon as it has happened? No, but the web can. By the time books or newspapers are released to the public the information is yesterday’s news. Someone may argue that television is a way to be connected to the world but is it really? The TV does give people news that the internet does but what if someone misses something important because they weren’t watching TV at the time.

The internet gives one the opportunity to go back as far as they want to any information that they want to know. Not being connected to the web could effect one in the future hen applying for a Job, or even college. Certain Jobs may expect someone to know how to use the internet and not having the knowledge to do so isn’t good. When someone is in college, doing a research paper or essay, the internet is a very useful source. Using the internet growing up will help one be more aware of how the web works, therefore making their research or essay easier to do.

Rather than not knowing how to use the internet and needing assistance throughout college. Kids connected to the internet will have a much easier future and have more knowledge cause of the information that is given through the web. Kids with internet will have it easier in the future than kids without internet. Nowadays, people are actually making a living off of using the internet. One can start a business or a very successful website with Just a click of a few buttons. For example, the makers of Youth pay people to post videos of whatever entertains viewers.

Aside from starting a career on the web, kids can stay connected to friends, family, teachers, even their president through the internet. Kids can also use the internet as a way of helping them to get various information. For example, kids can look up directions to places, phone numbers, and information about anything. Although the internet will make it easier for kids in the future there are some perks to it. Many studies have shown that kids spend way too much time on the internet that it’s effecting their learning.

Nick Carr said ” the average American spends over eight hours looking at a screen, but only 20 minutes reading from a print source. Parents are complaining that their kids academics are dropping and they are starting blame it on the internet. Parents can’t seem to get the attention of their children and they complain on how they aren’t concentrated on their daily lives. Kids are more interested in what’s going on, on the internet that they don’t really pay attention to what’s going on around them. Dry. Russell Hokey, a therapist who specializes in teens and teens, said “they’re using it as a way to escape reality. He means that kids are using the internet as a way to escape what is really going on in the real world. Although the internet does have its perks it is still a useful source for anything that you will ever need. To reiterate, the internet will help benefit kids in the future. Although they may spend a lot of their time on it, it is actually help them in away. It helps keep them connected to the world, do homework, and it can even help them start a career. Kids without internet have a disadvantage because they aren’t update with how technology is evolving and that may be a disadvantage in the future.

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