The Biology Of Marxist Leninist Is Evolution Assignment

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The biology of Marxist Leninist is evolution. The core theory of Marxist Leninist is Darning’s Origin of Species. The philosophy of the Marxist Leninist is the approach to understanding and changing the world. Marxist philosophy states that matter as ultimately real, rather than God being the bases of the world. This means that this belief is a godless philosophy. Marxist theology is based off of atheism. The Marxist ethics believe that everything in the world in constantly moving. The next social advance in history will be the move from capitalism to socialism, because they live society controls life.

For Cosmic Humanist, tolerance is the key. The ethics of Cosmic Humanist is based on its theological pantheism and philosophical monism. Cosmic Humanist biology believes that everything is ultimately energy, and that it will allow people to achieve unity with others in a kind of collective consciousness. The theology is that every individual is God, and humanity can reach all the powers of its godhood by achieving unity of consciousness. The philosophy rejects naturalistic and materialistic philosophies.

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They reflect their beliefs on the Gaga hypothesis, which is the whole world is a living organism. Even if God does exist, He is of no consequence to a postmodernist. Everything in the postmodern view is relative and up to personal prejudice. The postmodernist biology believes in punctuated evolution. The postmodernist theology believes in an atheistic view. They believe in religious pluralism, which is the belief that one must be tolerant of all religious beliefs because no one religion can be true. The Biology Of Marxist Leninist Is Evolution By sacerdotal 011

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