The Big Bang The Evolution Of Negot Assignment

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The main points about people are that the research shows that negotiators are more keel to allocate resources equally, rather than selfishly. Also emotions not only affect the negotiator experiencing them, they can also create emotional reactions in other parties. Furthermore, what matters most in understanding conflict is not reality itself but individuals’ perceptions of it. As for interests, it is noted that to invent a creative solution to a problem, you first have to figure out the interests underlying the parties’ perspective positions.

In order to do so, you have to get the better of a key error: the fixed-pie perception, which refers to the often-faulty belief that people’s interests are basically and directly represents a loss for the other parties. With respect to options, mutual gains benefit both parties. In order to create options for mutual gain, negotiators need to overcome four obstacles that prevent opportunities, which increase bargaining value and develop the relationship. The first obstacle is fixed-pie perception, which was mentioned above.

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The Second obstacle is making premature judgment: at times, negotiators commit to a specific course of action and then find it difficult to change course even if doing so could yield a better, mutually beneficial outcome. The third obstacle is they tend to search for a single answer. The final, most important, obstacle is Negotiator A often assumes that Negotiator B is responsible for meeting and satisfying Negotiator Ass interests. With regard to criteria, it is encouraged that negotiators should negotiate on the basis of objective criteria independent of the will of either side.

As to the BAT AN principle, BAT AN refers to the negotiator’s “Best Alternative TO a Negotiated Agreement”, the alternative that negotiators can turn to if they fail to reach on agreement in the current negotiation. Concerning, soft versus hard bargaining style, it is believed that negotiators should use the principled style, one where the negotiator acts as a problem- solver whose goal is “a wise outcome reached efficiently and cooperatively. It is interesting that when negotiators forecast how they believe they might behave, they fail to consider their motivation to “get to yes.

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