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UHF used a total of 26 plants distributed into 18 families in his formulations. Like PHI , UHF also used medicinal plants as the primary ingredient in his formulations. However, in one of his formulation to increase physical strength and sexual ability, he used mollusk shells along with powdered seeds of Curtains maxima and Hellishness anus and powdered nuts Of Racist hypoxia. Some Of the formulations of UHF (four) were more complex than PHI being polyhedral formulations. UHF also treated cattle diseases along with human diseases.

The various human diseases treated by UHF included respiratory tract disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, physical weakness, pain, sexual problems, healthiness, diabetes, jaundice, hypertension, and skin disorders. 13 DISCUSSION It is to be noted that although some disorders like gastrointestinal disorders or pain Were treated by both PHI and UHF, there appeared to be a certain degree of specialization in the type of diseases treated by the Fish. For instance, PHI treated heart disorders, kidney and gall bladder stones, snake and poisonous insect bites, and rheumatism, which were not treated by UHF.

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On the other hand, PH treated respiratory tract disorders, diabetes, jaundice, and hypertension, which were not treated by PHI . PHI appeared to specialize in treatment of various types of gastrointestinal disorders. A total of 14 formulations were used by EH for treatment of such disorders. Besides gastrointestinal disorders, FRI.. Also seemed to specialize in treatment of pain and rheumatism. On the other hand, UHF appeared to specialize in the treatment of diabetes. A total of five formulations were used by UHF for treatment of this disease.

UHF also appeared to specialize more in disorders associated with modern lifestyle like hypertension and obesity. It is also interesting that even when same disease(s) were treated, the selection of medicinal plants by A-41 and UHF were different. For instance, for treatment of pain, r-HA used Durra mettle leaves, while r-H2O used Ilium stadium cloves. PHI used young leaves of Osmium tendentious to treat healthiness, while UHF used Sweetening macrophage seeds to treat the same ailment.

This suggests that considerable diversity exists among folk herbalists both between selections of diseases treated as well as selection of medicinal plants for treatment of a given ailment. The obvious question is do the medicinal plants used by the Fish have any scientific validation of their uses or are merely randomly selected medicinal plants, which the rural people are taking without getting the desired benefit? A perusal Of the scientific literature suggests that indeed some if not all medicinal plants used by the F-Has have reported pharmacological activities consistent with their medical uses by the Fish.

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