Nutrition Goals Assignment

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I will not cut carbohydrates down from my diet, but Instead look for something different to consume, such as changing white bread to whole wheat or white rice to brown rice and etc. Meal scheduling is one of the hardest things for me to deal with. There are so days that I skip dinner due to my busy school schedule. Not eating anything at all is much worse of your health than eating late at night. My solution is to give myself more time and start eating light portions for dinner, a well balanced and healthy meal. Another main issue In my diet is my consumption of vegetables.

Vegetables AR good source of vitamins and minerals and can act as antioxidant, protecting us from certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and stroke. I want to Improve my Intake of vegetables by consuming them at least 7 times a week and adding a variety of them t o each meal. Essential for our bodies; it is in every cell, tissue, and organ. Therefore, getting enough h water everyday is very significant for our health. I drink less than 8 glasses of water p re day, which is really bad for my health. I will improve by carrying a bottle of water around with me, so I can reach my water goal.

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I believe that a meal plan can help me improve my health and aid in restoring my deficiencies. My consumption of carbohydrates will decrease, I will start consuming more vegetables, and drinking more water. This will be something new, that I will pay more attention to in my diet plan. I am planning to do it by adding or substituting some food little by little, and not rushing into it. To achieve these goals I would need a solo d month of pushing myself and focusing on my mind set. By following the meals plan designed specifically for me, I will be capable of progressing toward a healthier weigh t, and live a longer life.

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