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Organisms that have a prokaryotic cell structure, no pedagogical in cell walls and unique cell membrane lipids would most likely be: A. Arches 2. Who first published extensive observations of microorganisms? A. Anthony von Leeuwenhoek 3, The primary use of Koch’s postulates is to? A. Demonstrate that a disease is caused by a specific microorganism 4 Microscope resolution as the wavelength of radiation used to Illuminate the specimen decreases.

A decrease In the wavelength of radiation to Illuminate the specimen results in a increases, smaller solving power value tort the microscope! A. Living, unstained cells and organisms can be observed best using A. Phase contrast microscopy 6. Acid- fast organisms such as mycobacterium tuberculosis resist declaration by acid- alcohol solutions because of the high concentration of walls A. Lipids In their cell 7. Which of the following best describes current understanding of the fluid mosaic model of membrane structure?

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A. Phosphoric bilateral with peripheral and integral membrane proteins 8. Gram positive cells A. Have multiple layers of pedagogical that are porous; the crystal violet stain Is rapped when the pedagogical is dehydrated 9. Which of the following is NOT true of the nucleoli of prokaryote? A. It contains history proteins 10. Which of the following statements about Endoplasmic reticulum (ERE) Is not true? A. ERE Is found in all prokaryotic cells 1 1 . The light reaction of photosynthesis is where?

A photons from light are trapped in the ethylated membranes of the grand to generate TAP, NADIA. And 02 12. In addition to the production of asexual spores, fungi can reproduce asexually by wanly AT ten Toweling mechanisms? – A. All AT ten above are correct – transverse fission off parental cell fragmentation of hype whereby the component cells behave as spores of either somatic vegetative cells or vegetative mother cells 13. The common viral nucleic acid types are: A. Dad’s and Sara 14.

Phages that are capable only of the laity infectious cycle are called – budding phages, while those that are capable of both laity infection and lysine, a dormant state, are called pages. The bacteria carrying these dormant phages are called . A. Virulent; temperature; loosens 15. An organism that uses light for energy and carbon dioxide as a carbon source is a: A. Photojournalist 16. An appropriate qualitative method for isolating microbes into a pure culture would be: A. The streak plate 17. A bacterial population increases from 100 to 100,000,000 in 15 hours.

What is the generation time of this culture? A. 45 minutes 18. An organism has an optimal growth rate when the hydrogen ion concentration is very high. This organism is a(n) A. Acidophilic *low pH= high ion concentration 19. Which of the following does not kill endoscopes? A. Bastardization 20. If a 1:600 dilution of a test compound kills a standard population of Staphylococcus erasures in 10 minutes but not 5 minutes while a 1:60 dilutions of hence kills the population in the same time, what is the phenol coefficient of the test compound?

A. 10 21 . The larger the Therapeutic agent the better the chemotherapeutic agent. A. 22. Which of the following is used only life-threatening situation when no other drug is adequate causes it is toxic to humans? A. Chlorination 23. Bacteria can become resistant to drugs by: A. All the above – Pumping the drug out of the cell after it has entered – Inactivating the drug by chemical modifications Tying ten target enzyme or cellular structure

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