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16 year old male who played with gun shot wound to right forearm and chest 1st bullet entered thru dorsal side of right mid-forearm and exited thru floor side of right mid-forearm, grazing his right hip superficially afterwards 2nd bullet Clinical correlation – the bullet entered chest traveled inferiorly, interiorly, and medially. This means the bullet moved away from the head and toward the reasoned/sternum.

Planes and Motions Front/Coronal Plane Abduction Adduction Lateral flexing Elevation Depression Inversion Version Division of the Peripheral Nervous System 2 functional subdivisions: sensory (afferent) -up ascend and sensory (efferent) sensory – down exit anionic neuron – only in CANS bipolar neuron – in special sense organs pseudopodia neuron – sensory neurons in PINS multipart neuron – most neurons in CANS, all motor neurons to skeletal muscles penalty cells – found in brain, secrets cerebral spinal cord Molestation What part of the nervous system is affected by MS? What is the anatomy of the INS affected? What are the effects of nerves with or without myelin Classification if nerve injury occurs, degeneration and regeneration of nerve cells – there is NO regeneration expected for nerve cell bodies in the CANS – neurosis’s – most severe nerve injury, requires surgery, recovery requires operative repair and the prognosis is variable ranging from complete recovery to no recovery deep on age of patient, type, degree, and level of injury

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