Food Microbiology Ph Lab Report Assignment

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This is of extreme importance when it comes to canning Of foods in particular, Many home canned foods can he a breading ground tort petulance and other diseases. Having proper pH levels will cut the risk. Materials: ; Fresh red cabbage ; Hot plate ; Beaker, 500 ml or larger ; Beakers, SO ml ; Spatula ; Tap water ; Tongs ; Dishwashing liquid ; Dishwasher detergent ; Laundry detergent ; Laundry stain remover ; Fabric softener ; Bleach ; Mayonnaise/Miracle Whip ; Baking powder ; White vinegar Cider vinegar ; Lemon juice ; Soft drinks ; Mineral water Milk Procedure: 1.

To make an acid-base indicator, extract juice from red cabbage. First, cut up some red cabbage and place it in 3 large pot. Add enough water so that the pot is half full. Then bring the mixture too boil. Let it cool, and pour off the cabbage juice. Save the solution. 2. Assemble food, beverages, and cleaning products to be tested. 3. If the substance being tested is a liquid, pour about 5 ml into a small beaker. If it is a solid, place a small amount into a beaker and Sistine it with about 5 ml of water. 4. Add a drop or two of the red cabbage juice to the solution being tested, and note the color.

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The solution will turn red if it is acidic and green if it is basic. Data: I Solution Result I Basic Softener Bleach I Acid I Base Acid IN/A Dishwashing Liquid Dishwashing Detergent I Laundry Detergent Laundry Stain Remover I ‘Fabric Mayonnaise/Miracle Whip I Baking Powder I White Vinegar I Cider Vinegar I Lemon Juice Soft Drinks I Mineral Water I Milk Conclusion: upon testing these household objects I discovered some things that already knew; vinegar is extremely acidic, while baking powder is a base, and some things that didn’t know; milk is acidic and laundry detergent is a base.

Any solution that has an WA as a result either could not find or did not own. Had the most trouble with bleach because at first, when added the cabbage juice, it didn’t change color. I emptied the beaker because it had a bit of baking powder in it, and then upon my second try it still didn’t do anything. Had to add a large amount of the juice to the bleach before it actually began to change color.

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