Evolution of Iago Assignment

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Ago continues to speak of his distaste for Othello, most likely increasing Roding’s dislike for Othello as well, but Ago does not disclose his reason. The reader now knows Ago has negative emotions, but his motive is unclear and does not seem too harmful. Shakespeare continues to camouflage Sago’s evil side in the beginning of Act one, Scene Two, as Ago is explaining to Othello that it is against his conscience to kill. “Though in the trade of war have slain men, Yet do I hold it very stuff o’ the’ conscience to do no contrived murder”.

Though the reader is aware throughout Ago and Othello conversations that Ago is being dishonest, Ago doesn’t seem to be taking any action threatening or hurting Othello in any way, like Ago promised Roding. Othello even refers to Ago as ‘most honest’, which indicates Ago has never acted upon his resentment. As the play progresses, so does Ago character and his intentions begin to come to light. Ago explains to Roding that he believes Othello has slept with his Roding’s wife.

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With that said, Ago explains that he’ll make Othello believe that Cassia, Othello lieutenant, and Desman, Othello wife, are having an affair in order to get revenge. Sago’s villainies character is slowly developing and continues to do so. It’s now evident that Sago’s friendship with Cassia is also dishonest Sagas dishonesty grows when shortly after that conversation with Roding, Ago explains to Othello, “l have rather have this tongue cut from my mouth that it should do offense to Michael Cassia. The reader may begin to question if Ago is really friends with anyone, or is he dishonest With every person he comes into contact With. NOW it is known that Sago’s only worried with matters concerning his own gain and doesn’t mind What “friend” he hurts along the way. What is Ago Willing to do and how far Will he go in order to get what he wants? Throughout acts three, four, and five, Ago “works his medicine” as he calls it, and causes Othello to become overwhelmed with jealousy of Cassia. Ago poisons Othello mind with his subtle persuasion and fake information concerning Cassia and Desman.

Sago’s evil character evolves further when Ago shares his thoughts and intentions with the reader as if he is speaking to himself, like a crazy man. In act four, scene one, Ago says, M/ark on, my medicine, work! Thus credulous fools are caught, and many worthy and chaste dames even thus, All guiltless, meet reproach. ” Ago reveals the Desman is innocent and that he believes Othello to be a fool for believing she was untruthful. Ago causes Othello to be tortured mentally and emotionally while the idea of Desman sleeping with another man east away at him.

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