Evolution of Healthcare Assignment

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University of Phoenix Introduction Leading an organization through hard times, changing the way employees view the organization mission, and creating a sense of proud is very difficult for any manager to achieve. A leader who has the ability to think analytics and operate emotionally (Farad, 1999) can make transformational changes to any organization, motivate employees to be successful, and prepare the organization for the future.

This is the type of leader I strive to be. Purpose of Degree I have been a Respiratory Therapist for over twenty years. I start out as a supervisor upon graduated from school. As I worked day-to-day supervising other therapist on vary duties such patient care, new policies changes, and other things, I realized I was Just following orders. I through to myself, “it have to be something more”. Oral communication and employee buy-in are my strong point but something was mission from a leadership point of view.

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I moved on to become chief-therapist at another hospital. I had more responsibility but I did not have the knowledge to effect real change in the organization. After moving on to another supervisor position after many calls from COOP, I decided maybe knowledge is what I need to become a better leader. So I enrolled in school. Academic Influences When I became supervisor at Kindred hospital my director advise me to pursue an advance degree to learn the all I can leadership because it will help me in the long run.

I was also very impressed with my CEO ability to influence the staff to give 100% and more, without any hesitation. Both he and my director had advance degrees. Doctoral Program This program should increase my knowledge base on the theories of leadership ND create an awareness that I am lacking now. My ability to communicate well with other should bring me closer to reaching my goal of becomes a better leader. One elements of communication is listening, which will lead to understanding of others.

I am a compassion person; I believe people are the backbone of any organization and without their buy-in the organization will not succeed. Outcome and Inspiration As I continue my Journal as doctoral learner, my ability to improve my writing, organization and communication skill will lead me to be a better leader and scholar. Upon completion of this program inspire to teach and bring the knowledge of what a leader should be within the new healthcare reform system. This program should give me the ability to lead by exempt in work and personal life.

In the beginning of this program we discuss emotion intelligence and emotion bank account. Both are concepts with emotions and how emotion affects you as a leader and a person. By finishing this program will give me a clear and precise understanding of these concepts, which will in turn give me insight to other people. The two things I am assign about are how asthma is affecting our children in Indiana and healthcare reform for the poor. I believe this degree with give me the confidence as a healthcare leader to affect real change in this area.

Self-Awareness Knowing who you are and where you want to go is only the beginning of any journal. The ability to arrival at your destination is all about planning, inspiration, and will power. The doctoral program is the plan, me applying myself to the plan is inspiration from other, and determination is will power. Conclusion As I progress as a doctoral learner and expiring transformational leader, although his plan is very simply it has open my eye to what I must do to be successful in school and work.

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