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One Marketing & Event Solutions The Game is about to change Executive Summary This proposal dedicates in finding the next innovation steps for One Marketing & Event Solutions in order to raise brand awareness, retrench operation costs and increase quality of services. An external analysis method is approached to research the current businesses trend. One of the most popular and well defined trends is online environment that has been established for a decade.

The finding draws attention that there is an evolution in using internet and virtual store to manage businesses. There is a high demand from both businesses and individual respective in term of finding information, sources of products and services online. Further investigation also reveals that the vehicles been used within these cases are Semaphore. To accommodate such a change, software called Insofar – that satisfy every Omen’s needs, criteria and also fit in the new business trend has been recommended for this organization.

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Implementation process features every single aspects that MOMS which must consider and to avoid interruption and leverage the goals of the company. Evaluation included SOOT analysis, contingency plan, on the proposed software is taken into consideration to minimize or transfer the nakedness and threats of the software. As a result, after in-depth research, full detail of implementation plan and evaluation, MOMS should adopt this software and new method of communication as a new approach during this evolution of technology in business environment.

Table of Contents Introduction 4 Research 5 Business overview in general:5 Online business activities: 6 Uses of Devices: 7 Potential Customers: 7 Business Innovation:8 OMEN’S SOOT analysts 9 work Plan 10 Software Chosen 10 Implementation Plan 1 1 Human Resource 13 Information Center 13 Suppliers’ Contracts 13 IT Department 14 Physical Offices: 14 Current clients: Evaluation of the proposed solution 1 5 SOOT Analysts 15 Contingency Plan 16 Conclusion 17 References: 18 Introduction The business world is experiencing a major change in communication methods with developing in technology and internet.

Businesses around the globe regardless medium, large or corporation have started adapted and alter their operation in order survive and grow. This drastic change has been recognized an evolution in business or in other world the technology is slowly taking places in every single sector and industries. As a part of this cycle, One Marketing ; Event Solutions is not immune from the invasion of technology. Thus MOMS is in needs of new strategy plan to catch up with the current evolution while still maximize the profit as well as maintain the title of pioneer in Event and Marketing sector.

The main purpose of this proposal is to provide an overview of the industry via research and suggest the most suitable solution for the company and how should One Marketing ; Event Solutions implement this new direction. The current trend of technology is virtual environment. For example: business communication, transaction, negotiation, meeting to be conducted via online without face to face interaction. Despite the most advantages of this technology, it still does not easily reconcile in Omen’s operation due to its high demand of trust, identities and hardly imitate the nature of face to face interactions.

However, this report will analyses the important factors of having virtual business technology in order to adapt with this evolution. This proposal features an in-depth analysis based on statistics of how technology and internet influence on current businesses in Australia. Followed by the research, chosen software is adopted for this particular business with key benefits included . Next, a detail of five year strategy plan is presented in detail of transforming the business to a new direction.

This proposal report also includes an evaluation section that reveals strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the proposed solution. Research An external analysis has been adopted to approach this research in order to deeply understand of how related factors influence on Omen’s business in regards to new technology. There are four areas of foundation in this research: an overview of Australian business and their desire operation, behaviors of Australian consumers awards this new virtual trend, Vehicles uses to access the technology, potential customers of MOMS.

Business overview in general: * Surveys and investigation on most of business in Australia shows that when asked to determine most desirable method in employees’ terms and working conditions, 69. 6% agrees to go with flexible working hours and 28. 3% prefer leaving their employee to choose their own rosters. 62 6% allows their employee to work away from office. These data shows that current businesses trend create more comfortable working environment for their employees. Only 74% of medium size business and 63. % (the number of business was dropped down from 82,071 to 62,243 in total) of large size business are able to continue their operation from 2007 till 2011, one of the major reason for closing down businesses was: high operation costs (Rents, labor Costs). * Survey also reveals that there are more advantages in sales for any businesses that have a website or virtual version online. It states that 34% of businesses own online stores increasing their sales.

In May, 2013, 35% of services industry business has high expectation a boost in sales due to the existing of their business website or virtual business. 7% of virtual businesses reported that their website is the main reason of increasing their sales in 2011 and 2012. Source: (Per Davidson, Scott Gordon, Paul Stiffens, December 2012) These data above has represent that there are currently an increasing in sales due to the existent of website and virtual business at the same time, businesses try to cut down operation costs by implement home office and also to survive from SEC’s post effects.

Hence- virtual business has become a highly possible option and the most considered step for most medium and large businesses in Australia. Online business activities: * In 2012, Australian spent $12. 8 billion dollar for online purchases * From 2004- 2012, Australian Business continued increased placing orders online from 33% – 46% while businesses in Australia receiving orders steadily from 12% – 25%. In total, these online transactions made up approximately $143 billion dollar. This sign of movement is predicted to be stable at least 3 years time. * From 13. Million Australian internet users, 64% is paying online bills and banking 2011 * 47% of Australian uses Semaphore to research, purchase and discover products and revises * 55% Australian accesses websites or business’s virtual store before progress any purchases or decision Source (Per Davidson, Scott Gordon, Paul Stiffens, December 2012) Source Jessica Irvine, 2013) Extra: nearly h of most medium size business in Australia in 2012 have their customers based overseas (23%, this figured steadily moving up the scale year by year since 2005) and 59% of customers from different states of Australia Not only businesses is expanding their activities but also there is a high demand from overseas and different states especially in services industry. Which meaner it is crucial o penetrate that profitable sources market via online. From both business and individual uses, there is clearly a surge of using internet as main vehicles in purchasing, businesses transaction, and research. The data also constantly show an increasing year by year in all area of internet uses. As results, this habit will create a concept and mindset of accessing into any business’s website or virtual store is the mandatory step before further decision.

In a long time, if this data kept increase, it is clearly that virtual stores have high chances of replacing or become main operation yep of most businesses. Uses of Devices: * In June,2012 the number of people above 18 years of age that own an Semaphore is 8. 67 million while at the same period of time in 2011, it was only 4. 25 million. It is increased by 104%. * 90% of Semaphore owners conduct web browsing, research and use for work. Source (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2011) Source (Per Davidson, Scott Gordon, Paul Sweetens, December 2 Semaphore NAS become a handy devices that can fully uses for any purposes and hence information and services whichever been pops up first in these devices would be paid more attention later on.

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