Evolution of Bhakti Movement in India Assignment

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The Ancient Period is characterized by the worship of Shiva (Upstairs) during the Ha rapper times; the composition of the early Rig Vivid hymns; the Epic Period during w which the Ramadan and Inhabitant were composed; period of Sage Visitation, in whose reign a majority of the Vivid hymns were composed; the Hajji and Athwart Eve dads were composed around 2400 BC; the Baghdad Gait was compiled between BC 50 -200; Anyway, Snaky, and Brahmas Sutras were recorded, which later gave birth to is x popular schools of Hindu philosophy and final versions of Purina’s, Tantrums and 10th ere sectarian literature were developed (200-750 AD).

Development of six popular echo Los of religious thought, establishment of Shank’s Davit Pedant and the decline of Buddhism are the main landmarks of this period (750-1000 AD). The Medieval Period saw the rise of devotional movements led by Rumania, Raman and, Taker, Guru Nanas, Surd’s, Chatting, Miramar, Tulsa Dads and many other SAA ants. The Backbit movement is much older than the Suffix movements. It philosophical cone opt had been fully enunciated in the Pinheads and subsequently, the Baghdad Gait a emphasized love and devotion as pathways to God. In the sixth century A.

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D. , the Shavings Purina placed the concept of backbit on a very high pedestal. During the post- Vagrant phase passionate love and devotion to one personal God became a charm terrorists feature of the Indian religious thought. But the concept of backbit was placed on a firmer ground in South India, when Shanks archery revived the philosophy of Davit or Pedant. After Shank, twelve Tamil V Kinshasa saints collectively known as Lavas made the concept of backbit more popular The Lavas were followed by the Visional cascaras who gave the Backbit cult a meta physical foundation.

According to this school of thought the ‘Supreme Being’ is not ‘at tributaries’ but sauna, possessing qualities of goodness and beauty to an infinite De Greer. The early leaders of the Backbit movement were mostly from India – the earliest being Rumania whose disciple Ramadan carried the Backbit move meet to North India and is rightly regarded as a bridge between the Backbit movement of South and North India. Features of Backbit movement 1 . The concept of backbit means single-minded devoid Zion to one God.

The object of the devotee’s Dora Zion is to secure the grace of God for the sake of salvation. 2. The Backbit cult discarded the rituals and sacra flees as modes of worship and instead emphasized the purity of heart and mind, huh manias and devotion as the simple way to realization of God. 3. The Backbit movement was essentially monotone cystic and the devotees worshipped one personal God, who could either have form (as guan) or be formless (nirvana). Evolution of Backbit Movement in India By important

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