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However, the Creationist theory states that god created everything, Including the universe In their present form. They Disregard human evolution and base their beliefs entirely on the book of genesis as to how we came to Be. While Creationists believe that created everything in 6 days, evolutionists believe we have adapted according to our environment and developed into the humans we are today, Evolution is the progress of change in the characteristics of biological populations over Multiple generations.

Evolutionists have proof that back up their theories of our early ancestors starting With the first soils which were discovered in Africa. These fossils show lower location of the forename Magnum, which was an indicator that these species practiced bipedal locomotion, they were a transitional Descendant from early apes into hominids. The discovery of many other species such as Lucy, and the Taunt Child, prove their theories of human evolution. The out of Africa model is also consistent with the fossils found is several regions.

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The model explains the origins of modern humans backed up by a study of present-day mitochondrial DNA, combined with evidence eased on physical anthropology. Based on facts and theories that are consistently being proven, one cannot dismiss them and possibly believe that “God” created everything as it is today. However, Creationists hold the belief the In fact God did create everything In 6 days. They don’t Have any actual proof of the existence of god besides their faith. Moses wrote the book of Genesis in Political science, 1125 Which we find the theory of the beginning of life.

However, this book was written around the third century B. C. Before science had any advances, before people were educated and had a higher education system. Because of this, It Is ridiculous to believe such stones, especially when they do not have factual proof, nor Collected data to back them up; evolutionists do. Moreover, the book of Genesis Is Found In the Old Testament, which supports slavery, prohibits men from cutting their hair and eating fish, And declares that menstruation is sin. Yet, this doctrine is not followed thoroughly by its practitioners, giving their stand point even less credibility.

Although the theory of evolution and the theory of creation conflict, there is no bout which theory Is credible solely based on presented evidence. While believe a book that was written by people who did not have the Scientific advances modern people have today. In addition, it is unclear as to who wrote the book of Genesis which is found in the first testament. It is believed to be Moses, but there is no actual proof Moses even existed. There are many glitches to the creationist theory, however it is a different story When it comes down to Darning’s theory of evolution which continues to be proven each time a new Discovery is made.

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