Biotechnology in pop culture Assignment

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In the television series Kim Possible the main character Kim faces many villains that use biotechnology to try and take over the world. In the episode “Downhill” Kim thinks she is going to get a break from saving the world when her high school goes on a class ski trip. When she gets on the bus she finds that her parents have replaced the original chaperones, and are sure to embarrass her. When the class gets to the lodge Skim’s best friend Ron and her teacher Mr..

Barking go out and try to find pictures of a mythical beast that a tabloid newspaper claims as been hiding in the mountains. They find out that that beast is real and it is not the only mutant living in the mountains. They were created by a mad scientist and cuddle-buddy lover Dry. Amy Hall, a. K. A Dandy. She is skilled in genetic splicing with a habit of making her own real-life versions of her favorite cuddle-buddies. She captures Mr.. Barking, Ron, and Iron’s naked mole rat Rufus, and she combines Mr..

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Barking and Rufus together; it is up to Kim and her dad to save them. In order for Dandy to combine animals she uses a genetic engineering lab equipped with some sort of splicing machine used to separate the different DNA of animals then combine it to make a whole new animal. Amy got fired from her old job for her unorthodox splicing experiments involving different animals. She genetically fuses different animals together to make things like a pig and a chicken mixed with a human, a rhinoceros with a bunny, a snake with a cat, etc.

She uses these animals to protect her lair and to keep her company. Some positive and negative effects of using biotechnology in this way are you could create new animal species. Companies could figure out more about DNA in different types of animals, and we could use these new animals for ewe types of meat and for labor purposes. On the other hand, these new animals could be potentially more dangerous than the animals we have now.

These animals can also be used for the wrong reasons like to hurt people or destroy things. Last, genetically fusing two animals together can be potentially unethical, and against animal rights. In conclusion, genetically fusing two animals together can have some good outcomes and some bad. Also Dandy uses many different tools and techniques to achieve the combination of two different animals. Biotechnology in pop culture.

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