Biomechanics in pe vollleyball Assignment

Biomechanics in pe vollleyball Assignment Words: 736

Biomedicine applies to the science field in every sport; it is basically the principals and laws of mechanics about human performance. Though the evaluation of the video footage which was taken to show my personal performance in the volley ball pike, it clearly shows the major weakness in my technique compared to the right technique.

The basic correct technique for a spike is the three step approach, for a right handed hitter the approach is left foot, right food with build-up of momentum with arms swinging, and then left foot with arms swinging back forcefully behind the body palms up with energy going vertical, the take-off arms swing up forcefully with jump for increased vertical power, hitting arm in ready position opposite arm reaching high, execution, use core cycles and shoulder rotation to transfer power to hit the ball with elbow extended fully and the follow through is straight through the ball with a controlled landing.

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My major weakness with the volley ball spike is the approach and execution; through the footage of me you can clearly see this is my major fault. Every lever has a point at which a certain force is applied, also a point of a fulcrum and a point of resistance, but the three different types of levers all play a role in sport and physical activity but still work lightly differently.

The third- class levers have a force in between the resistance and the fulcrum; our forearms act as a third-class lever, with the elbow as the fulcrum or point of rotation of the lever. Through the third-class levers can relate my personal performance due to the approach my arms are not in the right position and also in my execution, if my arms were correctly placed straight, instead angled.

The principle of leverage states that “the velocity at the end of a long lever is faster than the velocity at the end of short lever and that the end of a lever will move more quickly than any other point on the lever. ” (Anon, 2014) Though this it is justified that if my arm was straight throughout the whole approach, would gain more velocity and momentum when entering the execution phase; also when hitting the ball if my arm was straight would hit the ball with more velocity intern making it accelerate faster.

Force production is a combined result of several factors, which includes the summation of force, most sports need an athlete to generate and or control forces when required. Sports which success is determined though a maximum distance it is necessary for athletes to produce as much force as possible such as in volley ball spike or even baseball pitch; however it is not always necessary for the force produced to be the maximum.

Newton’s second law of motion, the greater the force applied to an object is, the greater the acceleration. To maximize the force applied so the acceleration is greater we use the concept known as the summation of force, this states the summation of force is influenced by the umber of body parts used in the movement, order and timing of their involvement, force and velocity generated, way in which the body and body parts are stabilized and balanced.

Through the information stated can easily relate my personal performance to the approach and execution of my volley ball spike. To generate the greatest amount of power when spiking a volley ball the player e. G. Me, needs to summate the forces. For example accelerating during the approach allows momentum to be transferred into the execution phase, also the approach steps have to be powerful and low to low for the greatest amount of spring.

This is why my approach is a weakness in my technique due to in the footage I’m not accelerating and transferring the energy into the execution phase while also not having powerful steps for greater amount of spring. The final stage execution phase the player has to have the arm whip though and make contact with the ball; the acceleration of the ball will be relative to the force generated from the very first step of the approach, as you can see my very first step on the approach is weak and not powerful.

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