Applications of Biotechnology Assignment

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David also discusses the function of cell such as providing structure for the body, taking in nutrients for food, carrying out specific functions and containing he body hereditary material. Most cells have nucleus, which contains the DNA. The DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, keeps an order of sequence of cells, which allows us to understand what builds and maintains an organism. DNA Is also the cornerstone of modern biotechnology.

The second video mentions cell and how It Is the basis for life, and together with Biotechnology, they will be able to change, heal and feed the world; to also use nature In order to Improve the human condition, develop cutting edge drugs, promote healthful food and nutrition, develop renewable products and energy, and purr a new economy. Examples of the results of the said events are the following: 1) 600 new therapies and vaccines 2) A billion biotech acres planted 3) Clean plant- made blouses. The last video shows real-life applications of Biotechnology.

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These applications include: 1) making vitamins 2) curing the virus that affected the Papaya industry 3) giving the stone-wash look of Jeans 4) affecting detergents that caused a decrease In temperature for washing machines 5) cutting phosphates running to rivers 6) turning lands Like corn Into plastics 7) creating an ethanol-powered car 8) converting biomass Into renewable fuel 9) curing and/or lessening plan for lymphoma cancer and arthritis patients 10) modifying colors in flowers like the carnation 1 1) treating and curing leather and more.

There is an invisible revolution that is occurring that solves old questions with new answers, all because of Biotechnology. REFLECTION/REACTION: After watching all three videos, I realized that I never really acknowledged any of those applications of Paleontology. For me, those products and different processes were already a norm.

It didn’t occur to me that some basic routine I do for the day was also taking granted some of these “norms” and I need to give more credit to biotechnology for making it all happen. I am now more aware of my surroundings and I am more grateful for the innovations, inventions and improvements that have happened. I am now informed of what biotechnology has done for me, and I am thankful to the numerous scientists who have made my life better through their experiments and creations.

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