WWII Pacific Theatre Brief Summary Assignment

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American carriers that were able to escape Pearl Harbor. Japanese Commander, Admiral Hampton Usurious, specifically took his fleet close to Pearl Harbor near Midway Island to draw out the U. S. Navy and pummel any counterattack. However, due to the Americans’ capability in decoding Japanese messages, Pacific fleet commander Chester Imminent was well prepared to engage the Japanese. Imminent was able to strategically place his carrier fleet to surprise the Japanese fleet as they were setting up for their airstrip’s on Midway.

Imminent successfully sunk tour Japanese carriers including the Khaki, Gaga, Sorry, and Hurry killing approximately 5,000 seamen. Imminent was also able to sink the heavily armed Miasma, and destroy over 300 planes. It was at this point that Koruna’s naval fleet severally defeated and unable to move forward with much force. After the success at Midway, the Allies were capable of continuing on with a massive offensive strike throughout the Pacific. Admiral Imminent began the offensive with Marine Landings on the islands of Solomon and Guidance. IS.

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S_ General MacArthur led a strike with the Australian allies and U. S. Army on the Pan peninsula in New Guiana Both campaigns took Imminent and MacArthur on long and bloody battles however in the end both were successful. Manumit and MacArthur now continued on campaigns on many of the Pacific islands to take out the enemy at weakest areas. Japanese advances were able to be put to a halt by these campaigns and were able to create several bases that the Allies could use to their advantage when furthering their attack on Japan with new 8-29 embers that were capable Of long range attacks.

When the Allele forces were able defeat the Japanese in Spain due to very aggressive amphibious attacks, they were also successful in once again severely destroying the Japanese Naval fleet including three carriers and an excess of 400 planes with only three American ships lost in the battle. Army Air Force 8-2% were now close enough to Japan to make the 11500 mile non-stop flights to Tokyo and back to begin bombing runs in November of 1944. The Allies continued to push on through two additional battle campaigns of Luzon and Okinawa.

The Battle of Luzon began on January 9, 1945 with General Walter Krueger leading the Allele attack deemed, “S-Day. ” Over 170,000 landed on the island and advanced inland throughout much of January along the Lineage Gulf. Around the same time a second amphibious assault was conducted by American forces on Manila. Towards the end of January, troops along the Gulf met great resistance at Clark Air Base where a gruesome battle lasted approximately one week. In February, the Battle of Manila avgas initiated and lasted through much of

March when Allied forces were able to finally push out Japanese troops and gain control of the majority of the island and its resources. The Battle Of Okinawa was the last and largest battle Of the Pacific theatre spanning between April and June of 1945. About 290,000 U. S. Troops invaded Okinawa and so the massive bloodshed began. By the end Of the battle both sides suffered heavy losses and each lost there commanding officers. The Japanese put up a strong fight for the Americans both through cave style fighting and “kamikaze” fighter missions.

In addition to the almost 100,000 Japanese lives lost, similar fatalities were noted amongst the civilian population. With both Allele victories in Luzon and Okinawa, Japan was left defenseless by sea and air. On August 6 and 9 the United States released atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki further crippling Japanese forces and moral, On August 8, the USSR declared war on Japan which cornered Japanese leaders into submission. On August 15, 1945 Japan’s Emperor Horopito issued the official surrender to the Allies.

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