“Why We Crave Horror Movies Assignment

“Why We Crave Horror Movies Assignment Words: 464

King uses colloquial vernacular, humor, metaphors, and engages with readers on a personal level to help push his point across the article. Known as the foremost expert on horror, King has great credibility in the realms of the creepy and unknown. His use of conversational English rather than academic English, along with his use of first person throughout the article, engage the reader and creates a mutual understanding between King and the reader. His SE of humor as shown by the joke, “that’s the difference between a truckload of bowling balls and a truckload of dead babies? (You can’t unload a truckload of bowling balls with a pitchfork)”, engages with the emotions of the reader whether it be with a laugh or a gag. Stephen King, being a horror writer, has a conspicuous bias in the article which is understandable because he is defending his art. Most of his research derives from personal opinions, theories, and assumptions. However, he splendidly uses these opinions and theories to Mean invoice the reader of his point in a logical way.

His use of conversational English creates a positive predisposition in the mind of the reader which generates a positive vibe. People feel like they are talking to a long lost friend instead of an apathetic professor. Furthermore, being a splendid author, King successfully drives everyone of his points home as well as being entertaining at the same time. King uses metaphors as his conclusion paragraph which creates a deeper level Of understanding to his already heavy philosophical essay. His final point s that people watch horror movies in order to keep their inner demons fed.

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He explains that this must be done,” Because it keeps them from getting out, man. ” He uses gators as a metaphor for inner demons. King explains that the gators must be fed or else they will get out. With this use of metaphor, he finishes with explaining that the reader will be able to live a normal and happy life, ‘As long as you keep the gators fed. ” Overall, Stephen King creates a compelling article on a controversial topic that circulates the United States from time to time. Do horror movies create or subdue insanity?

His successful use of metaphors, humor, and colloquial vernacular help to adequately portray an illustrate his point. Of course their is a natural bias on his part, but he makes the reader understand on a logical and emotional level. Furthermore, the scarcity of understandable articles on such a heavy philosophical subject makes “Why We Crave Horror Movies” one of the most used articles on the subject. King’s ability to get on a personal level with his readers makes the article an enjoyable and informative read.

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