Why the Crucible is a Tragic Comedy Assignment

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Why The Crucible is A Tragic Comedy Have you ever been dancing in the woods… naked, while a colored foreign lady sings songs with only made up words that start and end with the letter B? If so, you are to be hanged for witch craft with no question. They were so clueless about having a problem in their town that it went way too far and they didn’t really think things through all the way. People would Just run around telling the authorities that so and so is a witch.

They would be taken away and hanged for no reason. There was no proof about them being witches or nobody went into further investigation. Let’s take a minute and really think about how the catastrophe in Salem really started. A group of young girls blind to what they are doing by dancing around a big pot and Just so happens to get naked. No big deal right? People who hung there had no proof saying they practiced witch craft. There was really no proof what the girls had done that night or what they were doing.

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The men in charge were really quick to jump to conclusions. With no trial of any investigation of any sort they Just had their mind set on that they were witches. Citizens accused of witch craft by anyone else basically had no chance at all ecause, there never really would be a trial for them. The person accusing the other person of being a witch could be easily making it all up. They never asked the witness for proof of what they supposedly saw.

It was always the good people that were punished and the people that actually practiced witch craft were the ones lying saying they witnessed the good people practicing witch craft. The young ladies that started the whole Salem witch trials lied, and they started to show it when few of the girls started to tell the reverends the truth, but were influenced back into the lie by the other girls again. Another reason that says the young girls were lying is they blamed the witch craft on people that hurt them, or has the man they like.

Also shown they were lying when some of them took all of their parent’s money and ran away on a boat in the middle of the night. The conclusion of my point of view is that this whole thing was way blown out of proportion by the reverends and men in charge. People were so scared of the fact that the idea of people practicing witchcraft is in their town. Including the higher up men position were being questioned so they had to show to the public they had it under control by anging innocent accused people.

These poor innocent people were lucky to be given two options: admit to practicing witch craft and be free but hung with that reputation, or die for not admitting to it. In these times people literally lived by the bible and they strongly believed that if they lied they were going to hell, so these people were not going to admit and lie so they swallowed their pride and died for no reason at all. With that being said this story sounds like a tragic comedy to me. Why the Crucible is a Tragic Comedy By warpony2730

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