Who is responsible for the tragedy? Assignment

Who is responsible for the tragedy? Assignment Words: 583

The Blame of the Tragedy Shakespeare blurs the line between protagonist and antagonist in The Tragedy of . He makes the audience care about Macbeth yet the blame for the tragedy fall Is on him. Dad Macbeth encourages him, convincing him to live up to his word, but Mac Beth himself initiates the murders in the play out of his deep desire to be king. While h??s initially known as a loyal kinsman and trusted warrior, Macbeth develops into an evil, malevolent king, causing the tragic deaths in the play. His actions, unjustified by anything but his own peers Anal ambition, make even his own death purely his fault.

While Lady Macbeth significantly co intrigued to the tragedy in , Macbeth himself is ultimately the most responsible for the tragic fall of characters in the play. Lady Machete’s actions in contribute to the tragedy of the play because of her influence on Macbeth as his wife. In Act 1, Scene 7, Macbeth is reluctant and d butting his original plan of murdering of Duncan to steal the throne for himself. However , Lady Macbeth, out of her own desire to be queen, manages to convince him that he’ll regret I t if he doesn’t follow through with his original intent (Text 2, lines 4749).

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She challenges his masculinity and makes him feel like a coward (Text 2, lines 5658), making him want to prove hi s strength and bravery to her. Lady Macbeth is also largely responsible for Dunce’s death b cause she formed the plan of his death for Macbeth to follow through (Text 2, lines 7181). She TA ekes initiation and makes the murder feasible. After the murder has been committed, when Mac Beth is beginning to go crazy, Lady Macbeth tries to counsel him to conceal their crime (Text 4). At this point she is the stronger of the two, keeping their crime secret and preventing them from eating caught.

Macbeth is primarily responsible for the tragedy of Dunce’s death. Without h is ambition and imagination the murder wouldn’t have occurred. Early in the play before t he murder he feels unsettled by the prophecy given by the witches because stealing the throne w loud be “against the use of nature” (Text 1, lines 147150). Yet he is the one who commits the Murder ere of Duncan; his imagination becomes reality and pushes him to do it (Text 4). While Lady Mac Beth greatly encourages him, the tragedy ultimately comes down to Machete’s “mistake in judgment”. Text 4).

He tried to be kind, to maintain his morals as a kinsman of Duncan, b UT he gives in to his ambition and “black and deep desires” (Text 4). The witches bring his desire e of being king into fruition, giving him justification for stealing the throne. In their prophecy t heatedly him he will become thane of Castor and then later King of Scotland. By chance, right after he hears his prophecy, he is appointed thane of Castor (Text 4). However, instead of Simi lay waiting for the crown to similarly come to him by chance, he becomes determined to steal it y murdering Duncan.

Machete’s ambition, clouding his judgment, is ultimately the cause of Dunce’s death. Banquet’s death and the murder of Macadam’s family are entirely caused by Ma xebec. His desire and ambition dominate over his rationality and kindness, turning him e vile and making him stronger than Lady Macbeth while she becomes the weaker of the two.

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