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Products and services for these division, include, but not limited to, home appliances on one end of the spectrum and Jet engines on the other. Security systems, wind turbines, and financial services and also among the products marketed under GE. These efforts are evident to the enormous success the organization received $161 billion in revenue in 2009. Making it so large that if each of its five business units were ranked separately, they all would appear in Fortune 200. ” (Kettle, 2012) 2. Have “Imagination at Work,” “Accommodation,” and “Hallucinations” successfully

GE launched several impressive campaigns that gave the company a new and better direction of focus. Some may remember one of the most recognized campaign “Imagination at Work”. This phrase gave consumers the idea that the company was in some way better and more improved as it relates to innovation and new technology. Because technology is the driving focus for many companies, GE was a leader in capitalizing on its benefits and received award-winning recognition. Although this campaign was driven to promoted Gee’s division in Aircraft Engines, GE Medical Systems, and GE Plastics.

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GE initially spent over $150 million on corporate advertising, a significant expenditure but one that created efficiencies by focusing on the core GE brand. (Kettle, 2012) The unification of the GE divisions played a significant role in the direction and campaigns chosen. Former Chief Marketing Officer, Beth Comatose, said the the identification of each of the 1 1 different businesses, brand is really important in pulling the identity of the company together”. The campaign was extremely successful and important to Gee’s integration.

Not only is the company a age success in their marketing efforts, GE is now considered a heavy hitter in the technology arena and leads the way as a leading edge, innovative, contemporary, and creative,” organization.

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