Unilever Marketing Skill Assignment

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Skill profiles for key marketing roles and a resources guide to help in skill velveteen are also available in separate documents. For those heavily involved in consumer understanding/market research, there are further skill descriptions available in a separate Market Research Professional Skills Addendum. Marketing Professional Skills Areas Consumer Insight Using and interpreting consumer research to anticipate and define the motivating factors driving consumers’ brand choice and usage behavior.

Generating and applying consumer insight to drive competitive advantage and business growth. I Building holistic understanding of consumers I Synthesizing and sharing consumer learning I I Planning market research I Generating inspiring consumer insights I I Interpreting market research opportunities I Anticipating current and future consumer Marketing Strategy Development Using consumer insight and competitor analysis to anticipate market growth opportunities and to determine the markets, channels and segments to operate in.

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Challenging the status quo with brand strategies that beat competitors and deliver outstanding levels of profitable growth. Analyzing market trends and growth drivers I Constructing brand portfolio strategies market and channel potential I Anticipating competitor actions cuisines planning process Brand Equity Management I I Creating a vision of I Building required marketing capabilities I Providing input into the Building a brand so it becomes and remains the preferred choice of consumers.

Using the Brandied to map current and future positioning objectives in a way that guides the brand’s mix development, increasing its consumer appeal, competitive distinctiveness and growth potential. Demonstrating passion for and commitment to Gaining brand business plans with the Brandied I I Developing the Key Vision I I Formulating Key Extensions I Strengthening the brand mix I Assessing brand health Communication Channel Management Planning and implementing an integrated programmer of brand communication, which uses all available channels to communicate the brand’s messages to targeted consumers in the most cost effective way.

I Investigating communication channel I Implementing integrated communication campaigns I I Defining communication tasks, targets and budgets campaign cost efficiency and effectiveness Communication Plans Brand Communication I Evaluating I I Developing creative Developing creative brand communication campaigns that achieve outstanding levels f effectiveness, applying the principles and processes of ‘Advanced Brand Communication’.

I Developing inspiring briefs outstanding communication campaigns I Developing I I Building successful agency team relationships I Judging creative proposals effectiveness Brand Innovation I Guiding outstanding brand packaging design I Evaluating communication With consumer insight as the inspiration, working with other professional specialists to create or adopt consumer-relevant innovations that are rolled out fast, using the principles and practices of IMP. Creating a spirit of innovation

I Managing the innovation project portfolio and technological opportunities I I Exploring consumer I Driving innovation projects through the funnel I Generating creative innovation ideas Launch planning, implementation and evaluation innovation concepts I Designing winning Bringing a brand to life in the local marketplace via creative implementation of its core mix. Delivering brand growth by using all channel opportunities to connect with consumers and deepen their experiences and relationships with the brand.

I Converting brand strategies into innovative activity plans I Driving brand usability and channel presence connections with consumers I I Developing close marketplace I Managing prices, profit margins and budgets I I Implementing consumer activation programmer I Monitoring market developments and brand performance Channel and Customer Marketing Development Collaborating with Customer Management to develop channel and customer specific marketing plans and activities.

Ensuring that brand sales are maximized by addressing the current marketing needs and future opportunities of all trade business partners. Assessing channel and customer developments and I Contributing to Category Management Interpreting trade partner marketing needs and customer-specific marketing plans Active Marketing Learning I Developing channel Building marketing knowledge and best practice through external scanning, active experimentation and ongoing operational activities. Translating and applying this knowledge and best practice to drive brand development and growth.

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