Topman marketing mix Assignment

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The product recently purchased is a t-shirt from the retailer Ottoman; the t-shirt is of decent quality for a mass-produced Item the product doesn’t have a long life due to changes in fashion which is reflected in the price. Ottoman have a variety of different ranges within stores to accommodate for their target market. “Ottoman ensure that there Is stock that Is seasonal and trend led, as well as always offering a basics range.

With every range of stock they release, they have a variation f different patterns, colors and prints which again are seasonal” (scribed. 2013) Ottoman offer affordable pricing strategies that suits their target audiences low disposable budgets, one main audience is students who have limited budgets. Compared to other brands Topmast’s pricing tends to be reasonable for the items its sells by having the lower prices it allows its customers to get the look of high fashion houses for a lot less.

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Ottoman also has higher priced items which are generally sold inline or In flagship stores this allows them to diverse In to other audiences who have more disposable budgets. Ottoman sells through are range of distribution channels, including their own stores, either stand alone or partnered with Tops. Ottoman also uses concession outlets In department store such as Deadbeats and Selfridges & co. Ottoman Is also available online through an international website, the site stocks a range of product some of which are exclusive to the website.

The arcadia group have been expanding o other parts of the world and are now available in many International countries Including America, Australia and across Europe. Ottoman offer many different promotions seasonally including the Upton sales throughout the year. One main promotion offered is student discount which is generally upped when the new university term starts as student have Just received their loans. Other promotions offered are discounts if a store card is opened along with the purchase.

The campaigns run are shown on big boards in store, flyers round the store, on clothing hanger’s, magazines and across the Internet. Ottoman rely heavily on social media for promotions and advertising as they don use television campaigns, other methods used to show the promotions are through word of mouth especially when student events are run.

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