Three Year Golf Course Marketing Plan Assignment

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Running Head: THREE YEAR MARKETING PLAN GREEN-GO GOLF COURSE (GGGC) Mark R. Schneider Marketing Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Abstract A well-developed marketing plan is an essential blueprint for a business to attain the prime financial support and consumer base it requires in order for it to develop and grow. A marketing plan’s detailed structure allows manager’s to define the business’ marketing strategies in clear and in-depth formats that feature a precise roadmap to future growth and expansion.

A first class and properly structured marketing plan will guide the entire organization’s marketing actions and keep them focused and dedicated toward achieving the company’s overall goals and strategies. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Executive Summary 2. Company Description 3. Mission and Goals 4. Core Competencies 5. Situation Analysis 6. Competitors 7. The Target Market 8. The Marketing Mix 9. Budget, Scheduling and Monitoring Three-Year Marketing Plan Green-Go Golf Course (GGGC) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

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Green-Go Golf Course (GGGC) is firmly committed to high business values, and brings a special combination of knowledge and personal attention to golf course operations. GGGC is qualified in all phases of golf course management and maintenance, yet small enough to give the golfer an experience and personal attention that they deserve. GGGC’s mission is to operate and manage the best golfing facility in the state, following to the highest standards imaginable in the golfing world.

A wide range of capabilities allows GGGC’s management team to enhance the golf experience through all phases of golf: from one-on-one professional training to successful game execution and management. Currently, GGGC has specialized in creating the distinctive atmosphere of the upscale public golf course and would very much like to be the choice of the golfer’s personalized golfing adventure. GGGC will be able to improve the golf course experience through quality professionalism, training, and minimizing total costs.

GGGC strictly adheres to standards that are the most stringent in the golf course industry and prides itself on regularly exceeding customers’ expectations. The highly trained management team has establish a reputation for providing excellent course conditions, a professional yet friendly atmosphere, quality customer service, and a creative distinctive plan that will place your golfing needs as top priority. COMPANY DESCRIPTION Green-Go Golf Course is unique in its approach to creating a high-end exclusive public golf course.

GGGC is total golf, designed for those who truly love the game of golf and the satisfaction that it provides. The GGGC services are designed for the golfer’s specific needs. A top-notch and modern practice facility has target fairways and greens, a short game area that features greens, bunkers, rough, fairway and undulations, all so all players can truly practice difficult and precise shots. The attractive and spacious clubhouse features a magnificent entryway, outstanding food and beverage service in both locker rooms and panoramic golf course views from all service areas.

GGGC offers high quality personalized service from a professionally trained staff, caddy service throughout the golfing season, a PGA Golf Professional staff for one-on-one golf lessons, club fitting, club repair and any other golf related need imaginable, and top of the line products displayed in a one of a kind golf shop. GREEN-GO GOLF COURSE MISSION AND GOALS Green-Go Golf Course exists to serve both men and women who set high standards for themselves and their golf course.

GGGC’s mission is to create a lifetime experience through memorable golf and casual elegance based on family values. GGGC’s goals are: * To please all players and guests to 100% satisfaction * To meet or exceed all customer expectations in a fiscally-sound manner * To offer management and staff career opportunities in a energetic and safe work environment * To increase annual memberships by 15% Accomplishing these goals is not easy. It requires clear focus and caring.

GGGC must: * Satisfy the needs of everyone we serve: players, guests, and pro shop customers * Operate with the highest professional and service standards in all our activities, focusing our customer service, and building on GGGC’s solid reputation and heritage * Be seen as the best place to work, attracting and retaining talented people at all levels by creating and maintaining an environment which encourages them to develop their full potential * Produce positive fiscal results through innovation and total commitment to quality in all aspects of the company CORE COMPETENCIES

GGGC’s competencies include world-class golfing through first class course management utilizing highly skilled PGA certified course professionals, delivering players and guests with a life-long golfing adventure providing complete satisfaction at competitive rates. To achieve such an adventure GGGC has employed top-notch experienced professionals and players to design and ensure a once in a life time golf experience. GGGC is dedicated to increase all levels of participation in golf and is determined to help make its golf course safer for players, members, guests, employees, and the surrounding environment.

SITUATION ANALYSIS Combining all our golf management experiences and professional backgrounds, we would like to expand this enterprise to the ever changing golfing demands. Demands for USGA certified public golf courses and professional services should continue to climb during the next three years for three important reasons. First, the increased popularity in golf during the last 10 years has amplified the need for these services by several customer groups. Second, the number of great achievements by younger golfers around the world has increased the number of new golfing fanatics.

Third, the trend of well-maintained professional style public golf courses offering different features and services has made the game more attractive to all types of players. There has been boom in golf course development in the last two years, with additional growth expected to begin in the next three years. Strengths: ??? GGGC has two USGA certified professional golfers in residence with extensive experience and teaching abilities. The management team is business oriented professionals who have extensive experience managing golf course operations. GGGC’s employees are dedicated and professionally trained in all aspects of customer service and satisfaction. ??? GGGC has USGA and PGA certifications and credentials. Staff professionals are thoroughly trained in new golfing innovations and technology and can help turn ordinary golfing amateurs into seasoned professionals. ??? GGGC staff is familiar with all global golfing rules and standards and have working relationships with all appropriate golfing governing bodies. Weaknesses: ??? Because of the expected expertise level required of GGGC employees, the business may encounter some recruiting issues. GGGC requires big investment because of high operating costs and overheads. ??? GGGC members don’t always pay annual memberships promptly so the business may suffer some future on-hand cash issues. ??? GGGC has to rely on the works of translators when we have foreign players and guests. Currently, there is no in-house translator. GGGC must establish a dependable working relationship with a local reputable translator or agency or hire full-time translators. ??? Since GGGC is a 24-hour operation, the course may not have employees willing to work during night and early morning shifts.

Opportunities: ??? There is no competition within 20 miles of where GGGC is located. There are only five major competitors in the state offering this level of expertise. ??? GGGC would like to expand the business by adding an additional course adjacent to the existing course. ??? Expand the course’s annual membership and attract more players through charitable activities and events. ??? As a result of several recent natural disasters in neighboring states, an aggressive advertisement opportunity exists to attract out-of-state players to travel to the GGGC. Threats: If GGGC expands to 36 holes, the course may encounter government and social concerns especially when it comes to environmental issues. ??? Local, State and Federal governments all have different laws and land development and use regulations requiring GGGC employees to complete additional training. ??? GGGC will have to compete with other golf courses in the state that have strong financial standing and assets. COMPETITORS IN THE GOLF COURSE MARKET While adverse economic conditions have plagued the industry in recent years, the demand for golf courses and country clubs will return with improved participation.

In fact, the popularity of golf still remains remarkably strong even though the economy is still struggling to recover. Any increase of demand will heighten competition among other golf course and club operators. Also, an upswing in demand for other outdoor sports may threaten the entire golf industry performance over the next three years. GGGC is positioned to take advantage of an improving economy by offering a number of different goods and services other competitors are not willing to fund during troubled times. This strategy will continue to lure seasoned golfers to GGGC. THE TARGET MARKET

The target market for GGGC is active golfers with an average age of 46. Predominately males, who are married and have an average annual household income of $63,000, playing an average of 21 rounds of golf per year, and are active consumers of all types of golf services and products. Basically, guys who love to play golf all the time. THE MARKETING MIX PRODUCT STRATEGY: THE GOLF EXPERIENCE: The 18-hole championship designed course, home to numerous state, local, and corporate tournaments, provides a tough but fair challenge, with lush fairways, strategically placed bunkers and immaculate greens.

Featured in a number of recent state newspapers, the 162 acres of the Green Go Golf Course features one of the finest 18-hole championship golfing facilities in the State. THE COURSE: A piece of luxury for everyone carved out of the forest region of the state, GGGC offers one of the most exciting and life-lasting golfing experiences in the area. The 18-hole championship course weaves through scenic rolling and hilly terrain that features tree lined fairways containing pines, oak trees and shrubs, as well as seven spectacular freshwater lakes.

The par-72, 7,345-yard course provides a tough-but-fair challenge with 18 holes of lush fairways, strategically placed bunkers and generous greens making it an enjoyable experience for all players, especially those new to the game. Practice Facilities: GGGC recently opened its newly renovated driving range and practice facilities and is now offering the very best golf practice facilities in the area. The new facilities hosts a five zone, new stereo surround sound system, a fairway practice bunker, six target greens, a huge grassed tee box area and a short game area to improve game skills from inside 75 yards.

The very latest pro-swing analysis training system as well as a state-of-the-art fitting system and a number of training aids are available on site to make sure golfer swing and equipment is up to the level required. THE PRO SHOP: GGGC provides a fully stocked pro-shop accommodating all golfing needs, from clubs, balls, golf bags and the very latest fashion designs for all ages, including GGGC clothing and merchandise and all leading name brands providing the golfer a wide selection of choices.

LESSONS: GGGC offers a full selection of instructional and player development programs throughout the season. From beginner to low handicappers, young and old, GGGC has a dedicated team of PGA Professionals using the latest in teaching aids and video equipment. Whether a golfer needs a quick tune-up or is starting from scratch, GGGC professionals can help. SNACK BAR: Located near the golf pro shop, on the edge of the golf course, this open air southwest themed restaurant serves sandwiches, refreshing beverages and domestic and imported beers.

The menu features large variety of delicious salads, all time grill favorites and a great selection of tempting desserts. PRICING STRATEGY: GGGC’s pricing and rates are based upon local market competition and average rates and fees. Public Rates: 18 holes with cart-$40, 18-holes walking-$26 GGGC Annual Membership Rates: 1 Adult – $1500, Golf Cart Fees – $10 per cart, per round 2 Adults – $2500, Golf Cart Fees -$5 per player, per round GGGC Practice Facility Rates: Range Tokens: $3 / 30-35 balls GGGC Miscellaneous Rates:

Club Rentals: $20. 00 / 9 holes Pull Carts: $2 / 9 holes GGGC Golf Lessons from GGGC Professional Staff: 30 minute lesson- $45 3 lesson series- $100 5 lesson series- $150 Group- $65 an hour for two people, $5 for each additional person Ages 13 & under-$25 per half hour or three lessons for $70 PLACE STRATEGY: The striking natural beauty and ideal climate of Arkansas have contributed to the increasing role golf has played in defining the region’s image and lifestyle, as well as its role in developing the local economy.

The area’s natural beauty and numerous recreational venues provide destinations for tourists from all parts of the world providing an increased number of opportunities for the area’s residents. Many of the new local residential developments have combined golf as an amenity for their residents, and many local housing subdivisions rely on golf as a lure to attract buyers. GGGC is strategically located in the heart of this area and its location is ideal to maximize the attractiveness of the region. PROMOTION STRATEGY:

Effective marketing together with reliable promotion are the key components for economic success. GGGC focuses on an extensive web marketing and traditional marketing strategy designed to attract new customers, translate leads into sales, and maximize revenues. The main goal of GGGC promotion strategy is to establish name recognition and its own trade mark. Several marketing and sales promotion strategies are available in the online industry. Eventually, GGGC promotion strategy will primarily be focused to gain new customers and create customer loyalty of repeat customers.

Internet Marketing: GGGC has a dedicated budget and strategy allowing it to use many web based circulation providers to link to its core web site. Newspaper advertising: Newspaper advertising is an essential part of GGGC’s promotion strategy. Newspaper advertisements will be used statewide and regionally to increase GGGC’s number of customers. Sales Promotion: Sales promotion strategies are essential and will be used to the fullest extent. Sales promotion will be used to increase the number of customers. Direct Marketing: GGGC markets its annual memberships primarily through direct sales.

GGGC management believes its direct sales approach allows it to form stronger relationships with its customers. The sales force consists of a sales manager, an account manager and sales operations staff. BUDGET, SCHEDULING, AND MONITORING GGGC is basically a new business operation. Even though it has only been in operation since 2008, GGGC has been and continues to be a very profitable golf course adventure. Figure A depicts the first 3-years income plus the next 3-years projected earnings. Figure A GGGC is preparing to expand its operation in numerous ways.

Plans have been developed, approved, and financed to increase the size and scope of the operation. Figure B below is a 3-year estimated timeline of the proposed GGGC expansion activities. Figure B GGGC expects to continue to explore additional ways to expand its operations in many sectors of its current construct in order to keep up with market demands. Currently, there are no plans to combine with or purchase any other existing courses however GGGC is exploring other financial options such as public stock offerings to fund future expansion projects.

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