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To be an advocate for their needs and facilitate in their ealing process. “Nurses focus on the physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural attributes of people to provide” (Wood, 2005) the necessary care they may need. Being in the nursing profession I encounter many different people. It is sometimes difficult to measure up to Gods expectations when it comes to caring for each individual that encounter. I know that as a nurse since was created in the image of God, one aspect I should have is to care for others as I would want to be cared for.

This aspect is something that everyone is taught hen they are younger but can be very difficult to follow when we enter into their careers. Within the nursing field I have met many different people and have interacted with them. A verse in the bible that gives an example of this is “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets” (Matthew 7:12). By reading this verse it is apparent that as I am caring for others I need to remember that no matter what they may do or say, I need to care for them as would want to be cared for.

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Jesus cared for many people from the old to the young and by following in his example have come to interact with my patients differently by listening attentively and putting forth trust. Another aspect that I should have as a nurse is to provide the best care possible to all my patients. In the book Called to Care: A Worldview for nursing by Judith Allen Shelley it says “Jesus was called to a different version of nursing. He touched lepers in Luke 5, he washed feet in John 13” (Shelly, 2006).

The bible is filled with the many things that Jesus did for others. He was ble to give them the best care possible without even thinking twice. One example of this is when Jesus sent his disciples to care for the sick and tell them “the kingdom of God has come near you” (Luke 10:9). Jesus did this so as many people as possible could encounter the care that he had to offer. As a new nurse, each day I have the opportunity to show what have to offer.

Some days feel like do not have the ability or knowledge to give the best care that I can, but when look at what Jesus did for others I know that I can. Jesus surrendered all to his father and allowed his faith to make way as he ared for others. In the book Praxis : Beyond Theory it says ” we become more and more like god when we surrender Our lives As a nurse I have to be able to do the same thing by surrendering my fear and keeping the faith that I can give people the best care possible.

The Christian faith is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus consistently encouraged his followers to love others, to care for those less fortunate, and to minister to the sick and dying. To me this is exactly what I means to be in the nursing field, to care for others who are sick, dying or less fortunate. As a nurse I know that “the patient is deserving of the best care because they are made in the image of God, not because they are the most pleasant or loveable.

The nature of nursing is focused by an understanding of the client as a bearer of the image of God” (Doornboos, M. , 2005). The way that interact with others as a nurse is based on the fact that I look to God for answers each day. The way that am able to integrate the gospel message in to my chosen career is important to me and by being a nurse am able to understand that spiritual needs are present in every individual and am able o minister to those needs with a rich and strong foundation in Gods message.

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