The uses of propaganda posters in World War Assignment

The uses of propaganda posters in World War  Assignment Words: 534

They were trying to capture the British men unwilling to volunteer for the war and make them feel guilty if they didn’t Join. The picture depicts a situation in the future, after the war, where the daughter asks her dad expectantly how he contributed to the war. The war on the poster is already over, the dad can’t re-do it. This sends a message to the young boys, unwilling to go to war. Making them think what they would tell their children if they asked what he had done for the war. It also shows that he will come home to his family. The family in the poster are smartly dressed and look wealthy.

The colors in the poster symbolism the war and army, the curtains have red roses on them and the chair has the sign of the royal coat of arms on it. This would also make the man think because these are marks of patriotism but this man has not done the patriotic thing. Everything in the poster is positive; nothing would put men off from Joining the war even the boys toy soldiers are all standing up. “At the front” This poster would stand out to men because it is showing cavalry in battle, with horses reacting to an explosion in the foreground.

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This poster is trying to make boys interested in Joining war to fight for their country. “at the front” stands out to all readers, this would seem exciting to boys because they would be fighting at the front with their horses making them brave as the poster states. It also says “every fit Briton should Join” this implies that the men that fight in the war are healthy, strong and brave. It also sends out a challenge that is unspoken “ARE YOU”. This poster is very manly. The colors in this poster ties in to army colors, brown and green.

This poster stands out because of the explosion. Most young boys would want be at the front with their horses working as part of a team, it is clear these men work as comrades together to fulfill their task of bringing up the guns. Both of the posters’ primary purpose is to make men to Join the army. During the World War 1, there were many of propaganda posters to persuade men in their country to enlist in the army. In addition, these two posters were one of propaganda poster to convince men to Join the army with some of biased truth.

Even though two of posters made same primary purpose, each of them has illustrated different intend and feeling. The poster, “Daddy, what did you do in the Great War” arouses guilt with sarcasm to those men who did not yet Join the army so that it leads to men to Join the army. Nonetheless, the poster, At the front! ” imbue the courage and morale of the men that fight in the war? ” stands out because it is making you feel guilty with the children although the poster “At the front” would stand out more to men because it is very manly.

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