The Role of Healthcare Marketing Assignment

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Strategy is consistent response to a particular stakeholder need (White & Griffith, 2010). Identifying and grouping customer and associate markets by the use of surveillance, data analysis, and segmentation of market, will help the HOC understand stakeholder needs and Identify participants whose needs are In keeping with the Hooch’s mission. This function marks the role of healthcare marketing in the healthcare organization’s strategic planning process (White & Griffith, 2010).

Another role of healthcare marketing in the Hooch’s strategic planning process is to listen to exchange partners’ needs, by employing the use of surveys, focus groups, monitors, and personal contact to achieve a clear and thorough understanding of what the HOC must do to appeal to a considerable number of exchange partners (White & Griffith, 2010). The role of healthcare marketing in the strategic marketing process of the HOC Is also the development of brand-media relations by communication, to make known the HOC and Its range of services.

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This makes the entire HOC attractive to the community by using different media of communication to highlight widely shared goals (White & Griffith, 2010). Convincing potential customers to choose the Hooch’s services, by communicating to patient populations with specific needs, In order to make potential participants aware of the services, and persuade them to choose the organization over its competitors; is another role played by healthcare marketing in the Hooch’s strategic planning process.

An example of the role of healthcare marketing in the Hooch’s strategic planning process Is the Veterans Association Hospital getting statistical Information on the number of disabled veterans and their area, advertising and providing excellent treatment for hose individuals, and maintaining good relations with those individuals in order to maintain their customer loyalty.

Communication is paramount in the link between customers and the HOC In that, It helps In getting the right message across, following the fact that customers can only be made aware of the excellent services and products offered by the organization through advertising, and why they are superior to other competitors. I select a nursing home as the healthcare organization I would advise on ways It can market its services.

The best ways that a urging home can market its services, are the radio and television advertisements, newspaper advertisements, Internet advertisement, organizing an open house event, 1 OFF content customers. Effective use of the afore-mentioned basic marketing elements can effectively help the healthcare organization to successfully carry out its strategic planning process, and to amass profit, if it is a for-profit healthcare conglomerate.

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