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The first printed advertisements appeared in newspapers. Nowadays advertising is so popular in the modern world that it is possible to investigate advertising language separately from the newspaper style. The usage of different means and devices on phonetic, morphological, lexical, syntactical and graphic levels make the advertising style individual.

In this term such points were observed: phonetic peculiarities: alliteration, assonance, anaphora, repetition of the sound and rhyme; morphological peculiarities: abbreviation, neologisms, the degrees of comparison of adjectives; lexicon- hierological peculiarities: figures of speech (metaphor, metonymy, epithet, periphrasis and others), polytheistic words, language game, alien words, phraseologies units; the domination of the special terminology, neologisms, the syntactic compression, and complex sentences.

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The advertising text includes variety Of existentialistic components, neglecting Of which will not be possible to translate the advertising text with the great efficiency. A distinctive sign of successful advertisement is harmonious unification of the basic advertising idea with those means of expressiveness which most correspond o the given idea. The object of the translator is to use all knowledge of theoretical bases of translation for transfer of communicative function of the original and to observe such criteria of the advertising text as compactness, laconic, brevity, accuracy, concreteness.

Always it is necessary to remember a main purpose of the advertising text ?? to draw attention and to raise interest. Because of specificity of advertisement, the text should not be translated literally as in that case it can lose its meaning and force of the influence. Translation of advertising texts is creativity at language level, whereas translation of art texts – the creativity connected with is art-shaped thinking. Process of translation is creative work, and translation of advertisement is doubly creative. Advertisement is an integral structural component of informative and communicative space of modern society.

Its an important element of mass communication. The ad text is a special linguistic form of the language world picture which belongs to trade and consumption spheres. Being a specific tool of social influence, the ad text is defined as completed and functionally organized message caused by uncommunicative situation, addressee’s intentions and has its own grammatical and stylistic basis. Thousands of advertising agencies, which have appeared in Ukraine recently, resolve the problem of selling products at the market and have had some experience in developing separate elements of advertisement.

So, the advertising text has some peculiarities caused by its communicative nature. It is a special tool of social influence. The interaction of society and advertisement is a united two-sided process: the society develops and intensifies the advertising activity, while advertising cosmologies, in their turn, push social and economical development Of society. The peculiarity of advertisement is that the advertising message expresses the interests of the addresser of the message but not the addressee.

The effectiveness of ad influence is caused by specific social and cultural peculiarities of society, such as national traditions and mentality. Advertisement creates a new consumer outlook; by carrying out a comprehensive analysis of linguistic features of advertising intellectual property, the nature of linguistic representation is clarified; advertising is eased on the conditions of identity of lexical backgrounds and background knowledge the one who gives and receives information; actually the advertising text has many synonyms, possible combinations of words wider the common values of the developed polymers.

This term paper will contribute to the present knowledge about advertising language and will introduce new facts, findings and observations on such creative and extremely interesting discourse. I believe that it will be useful and contributing for all who are interested in English and Ukrainian languages and its’ multiplicity.

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