The Impact of Culture on Marketing Strategy Development Assignment

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Culture has an impact on many aspects of consumer behavior, from service expectations to consumer innovativeness. It also has been suggested that an understanding of culture can assist in making marketing decisions, such as whether to pursue standardized or localized strategies – something that has been discussed recently in the context of retailing strategies (Moons and Hefted, 2002). This paper provides the impact of culture on marketing strategy development, and implementation of NOBODY Jean in Manner that is a fashion brand from Thailand. Manner is also one of the South East Asian countries (Wisped, 2013).

Although there are many ethnic groups in Manner, most Manner people are wearing the Longing. The current style Manner longing came from India during colonial times, but it was preceded by a similar Manner garment called the Paso for men and Thiamin for women. ( Radiology’s , 2013) However, there is limited empirical research focusing on culture at an ethnic-group level and its impact on consumer behavior . The purpose of this study is to develop a marketing strategy between the two cultural differences by using the framework of help sheet community from Australia.. Recounting, 2013) 1 . The impact of culture on marketing strategy development 1. 1 Definition of Culture A lot of philosophers defined the definitions of culture and its consequences. Whilst on the surface most countries of the world demonstrate cultural similarities, there are many differences, hidden below the surface. One can talk about “the West”, but Italians and English, both belonging to the so-called “West”, are very different in outlook when one looks below the surface (Transparent , 1987).

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The task of the global marketer is to find the similarities and differences in culture and account for these in designing and developing marketing plans. Failure to do so can be disastrous. The integrated sum total of learned behavioral traits those are manifest and shared by members of society. (Transparent , 1987) The culture of Manner has been heavily influenced by Buddhism. Burmese culture has also been influenced by its neighbors India, Thailand, and China ( Wisped , 2013 ). The typical garment of the Burmese is the Indian lung or long gaga sarong worn by both men and women.

This replaced the traditional Paso for men and attain for women by the 20th century. (Wisped, 2013) The female sarong (thiamin) became shorter, no longer extending to the feet, but to he ankles, and the length of the sarong’s top decreased to reveal more waistlines. It means that the people will start changing the culture of fashion. 2. Culture of Current Situation The age group of 25 and over usually wears the longing. The longing is also known as the low-priced brand and targeting to the low-income class. The middle class people wear the Jean, when they have to go the events of Manner culture.

They thought that they are fashionable and smart, when they wear Jean. But, international companies started investing in Manner. Some of western fashions slightly influenced on Manner people. Some TV channel also is broadcasting international TV series such as Chinese and Korea (Manner Yellow Pages , 2013). Teenagers are influenced by some fashion from TV series. But other fashion brands are popular in Manner such as Giordano (Manner Yellow Pages , 2013). Giordano is not specific jean brand, and the designs are formal style. The wearing of casual style is fashion in urban and youth market. . 1. 1 Political culture Since the new government took power in 2011, the citizens of Manner have enjoyed a greater degree of freedom than at any time since the military seized power in 1962. The challenges posed by serious economic problems and positive responses from Western countries and pro-democracy leaders in Manner have allowed liberals in the government to work together for the further liberalizing of the country’s political system. (Muse, 2013) Most of international company interested in investing in Manner because of political changes. 2. 1. Economic culture Growth in Manner’s gross domestic product (GAP) quickened to an estimated 6. 3% in fiscal year 2012 (ended 31 March 2013) compared with an average of 5% in the previous 5 years. The pickup reflects business optimism buoyed by the government’s tepees since 2011 to liberalize the economy and prospects for further reform. A modest slowdown in agricultural growth in PAYOFF, partly reflecting floods in August 2012, was more than offset by increases in industrial output and services. (ADS, 2013). Manner people will be able to buy clothes because of growth of GAP. 2. 1. Social Culture Manner households often consist of three generations. If family members do no live in the same house, they usually live near each other and visit often. Children learn to share and to participate in family life at an early age. Siblings and cousins often share bedrooms. Children take part in all social occasions, apart from funerals. In rural areas, they often run small errands for adults or help out in the fields. All children are expected to respect and obey not only their parents but all their elders. They are also expected to take care of their aged parents. Manner Travel , 2013). Either family or friend influences buying power. If someone want to buy something in Manner, they asked their friend for recommendation. 2. 1. 4 Technology culture Few tasks or professions are the monopoly of a single ethnic group. There are various forms of traditional craft specialization. This includes making lacquer ware, stone working, fine wood carving, and working with metal. Modern technical professions such as medicine and engineering are related to one’s level of education and specialized training.

Those in the higher levels of commerce and administration generally come from the families of prominent members of the regime, and connections with the regime are important factors in amassing wealth and power. (Vermiculite , 2013) Manner people interested in to use the new technology. Most of Manner people like to buy the new and innovative product. The china products have heavily influenced in Manner. The quality of products from China is not too good. Manner bought the products from Japan, Thailand and US for the good quality. (NOBODY Research, 2011) 2. 2. Price The china products are almost cheapest. The products from Thailand are reasonable, and the products from Japan and US are expensive. Manner people like to buy the cheapest products and the reasonable products. (NOBODY Research, 2011) 2. 2. 3 Promotion The discounted promotions are more popular than the promotion that is giving the premium present. The most of retail shops are doing the promotion during some Manner festivals. Manner people more preferred buying the promotion than the usual sale. 2. 2. 4 Place Most of people recently go to the shopping center, supermarket and plaza.

The retail fashion shops are almost in the shopping center. Some of the shopping center are at every townships. 2. 2. 5 People The people from urban region are almost influenced by the international fashion (NOBODY Research, 2011). The rural regions are not too developed. The people from urban region are recently hanging out on the weekend and going to shopping center. The high-class people buy the expensive products, the middle class people buy the seasonable products, and the lower class people buy the cheapest products (NOBODY Research, 2011). NOBODY Jean is a local product in Thailand.

The business was founded by the KICK Garment Company Limited in 1995 and produced Jeans for miners out of tent fabric and canvas (NOBODY’s Profile, 2012). The KICK Company has always had a reputation for innovation, modern design and excitement (NOBODY’s Profile, 2012). Most of the designs of NOBODY Jeans are cool, youthful, innovative, and sexy (NOBODY’s Profile, 2012). However, the Jeans became popular in the South East Asian countries, it is not popular in Manner. Coatroom is a local company in Yang and distributing the fashion wears from Thailand (NOBODY’s Profile, 2012).

They also distribute NOBODY jeans in Manner. They own 10 fashion shops at the most popular shopping centre in Inability, Yang and Mandalay (NOBODY’s Profile, 2012). Coatroom company will use the differentiate strategy ( Porter, 2008). The differentiate strategy involves offering some unique selling proposition (USPS) that the competition do not have. Prices may not be too important to buyers of products sold under this strategy and it often follows that customers become brand or product loyal. ABE, 2012). Their main competitor is Giordano in Manner market. Their objective is the number one Jean fashion in Manner.

The target of NOBODY Jeans is teenage and middle class. They produce the Jeans for both male and female. They distribute the main cities such as Nay Pay Taw that is capital of Manner, Yang, Mandalay, Taunting and other cities. 3. 2. 2 Market The market size of the fashion products is big, but there have no many brands. The sixty percent of fashion product are Jean products. In the Jean market, there have no many brands. Some of the popular Jean brand are Giordano, Bossing, TOBY Jeans and NOBODY jeans (NOBODY’S Research, 2011). 3. 2. 3 position Giordano is the leader of the fashion market.

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