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Is the Texas law over homosexuality rights being equally enforced and updated by the state? Texas environmental contamination a result of corporate influence on the law. School funding in wealthy areas not being distributed equally throughout the state and the lack of positive results. For years gay and lesbian organizations have always had a hard fight for equal rights in the United States, Texas is without an exception. Recent law amendments to the state constitution have upturned the “Anti-sodomy’s statute, Chapter 21 , Sec. 21. 6 of the Texas Penal Code made it Class C assistance to engage in deviant sexual intercourse with the same sex” and brought the State back in line with the Supreme Court Ruling equal rights for everyone. The current problem now facing Texas is about repealing the outdated state amendments and Texas Health Code to reflect the changes and helping government employees stay informed of those changes. The Texas penal code of “Homosexual Conduct” crystallizing homosexuality is a violation of Fourteenth Amendment (equal protection for everyone) was challenged for the first time in 2003.

The landmark case of Lawrence V. Texas exulted in the Supreme Court striking down the Texas Homosexual Conduct Law, effectively eliminating the sodomy’s law not only in Texas but also in other states that still enforced them. Although the State of Texas has stopped enforcing the sodomy’s law after the Supreme Court decision, the statute has not been removed from the state law. In order for the statute to be removed it would need to be submitted through a repeal process, requiring a full act of legislature.

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Complications arise when a Democratic Party member would introduce a bill with an attachment of the repeal of the anti-sodomy’s law to it; Republican Party member would then veto it. In a cabala. Com article, “El Paso Senator Jose Rodriguez says that the state should recognize the courts decision on gay right and take the law off the books”. In 2009 five men were kicked out of Mexican restaurant in El Paso, Texas for kissing. A security guard ordered five men to leave the restaurant and then called the police.

Police arrived at the scene and ordered the five men to leave or would cite them for homosexual conduct. The police officers did not know about the Lawrence V. Texas case or that the same year the II Paso City Council had gently approved an ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation by businesses open to the public. The Texas Health and Safety Code, used as an educational model program for schools (chapter 85 section 85. Bibb, -Education program for Minors), state that homosexual conduct is not an acceptable lifestyle and is a criminal offense under Section 21. 6, Penal Code. The Texas Health Code has not been updated since 2003, and it seems unlikely that subsection will still be presented in schools. There is plenty of progress being made in gay rights and equal rights law in Texas. In San Antonio, city council leaders voted and passed a citywide ordinance that prohibits bias based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Houston has the first openly gay female Mayor. The Obama administration also recognized same-sex marriages for federal tax purposes, even if the couple lives in a state that doesn’t legally recognize their marriage.

Since a majority of Republicans hold statewide offices, the appealing the amendment is difficult and hard fought. One solution is to gather at public events and voice our concern to our elected officials with support of others. Public protest is always a good way Of catching media attention along with support from local community leaders. One approach could be to make a you-tube video or documentary that would educate the viewers and motivate them to make changes or hopefully to vote. Texas has higher air pollutants when compared to the national average along with more oil refineries and coal-burning plants.

Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide found in the air can be contributed as the byproducts of oil refineries, chemical plants, cement kiln and cars. When Texas is compared with California, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Alaska, Texas produces more carbon dioxide emissions (over 600 million tons) and nitrogen oxides (precursor to ozone) at 2 million tons per year. There is a significant reduction in air pollution from 1 999 to 201 3, with the trend going down, but Texas started off higher than most states.

A recent decision in 2012 by the U. S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled in favor for the State of Texas over EPA compliance on factories. The court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency had overstepped their authority with the new regulation requiring aging power plants in Texas and other states to sharply reduce emissions. The main reason Texas protested is to prevent power companies or industrial companies from shutting down in an effort to stay compliant with the new regulation.

In some Cases it can be very costly to convert out dated systems to reduce emissions, most manufactures lean towards the fines, which are less costly. Our State Governor Rick Perry of Texas favors less federal restrictions on business and encourages business to flourish with a laissez-fairer attitude. Governor Rick Perry believes that E. P. A regulations will reduce jobs, stifle business growth and slow down or bring to a halt the economic growth. The Obama administration has taken yet another step in their campaign to harm our economy and impose federal control over Texas.

With their efforts to take control of a permit process, the EPA is on the verge of killing thousands of Texas jobs and derailing a program that effectively cleaned Texas air” from Governor Rick Perry website. The attitude toward federal government mandates and intervention can be seen extending back to the founding of the state. “Come and take it” or industrialist’s attitude exhibited by most Texans is not uncommon. Refusing EPA compliance could be inhibiting our progress toward a greener and experienced Texas.

Industry leaders and manufactures need to be proactive in their effort toward clean air emissions while still promoting growth and expansion in the capitalistic market. Being custodians of the land it is not only our responsibility to preserve the natural resources, but it’s also our obligation for future generations to come. The Federal government will eventually put more pressure on Texas and other states to conform to EPA standards in my opinion, so change will come. We can all do our part by recycling glass, plastic, commuting to and from work, and try to be less wasteful with water and electricity.

Buying goods made out of recycled rodents, cloth shopping bags and produce that has been harvested from a sustainable practice are also viable options too. The Texas system that distributes money to schools in the state has not been providing enough money to under funded schools. In a recent ruling State District Judge John Dietz ruled the system Texas uses to fund public schools violates the state’s constitution by not providing enough money to school districts and failing to distribute the money equally (article from huffing post).

Texas relies heavily on local property taxes to finance the schools and extracurricular programs. The problem begins when the “bottom 5 % of the states poorest districts tax an average of 8% more than the wealthiest 15% districts, but receive about $43,000 less per classroom” quote from Rick Gray attorney representing the poorer school districts. In response, the state argues that a school district inability to meet state standards is the fault of local school officials. Assistant Attorney General Shelley Delbert believes that “School district don’t always spend their money wisely.

We are here asking if the state system is a constitutional one and we believe that it is. ” The city of Austin is currently involved in a test case for trial that questions the distribution of school funds. Austin has a large portion of wealthy property that pay into the school finance and it must also share local tax revenue with the state. Austin also has 64% of the district’s student who are lower income recipients and a growing number are homeless and one- third does not speak English (Austin independent school district report).

Despite their needs, districts are only responsible for getting students test score up to national standards. In comparing Texas school funding and test scores across the nation, Texas came in with lower test scores and higher school funding. Then there is the national average. Since 1 975 we’ve been spending more but our performance has been staying the same in math and reading scores (huffiness’s article). By analyzing the data, it appears that there is no certain amount of money that will fix the problem with our schools.

The problem may not be bureaucratic law or the state administration that is failing with the school. One possible area may be that our society has not put enough emphasis on higher quality teachers and education as the priority. In social status, teachers are not usually associated on the same level (or pay) as doctors, lawyers, engineers or sports star spite their vital role and impact on society. The countries that value education and place strong emphasis on higher degrees in their society can clearly see a different attitude and very different results in the student.

China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Finland all hold highest ranking for best educational system (global report by education firm Pearson). Incorporating a greater value on education in our culture and cultivating a level of respect and admiration to the teachers who shape our society would have the great impact on students. Influencing lawmakers to create higher pay for teachers ND a rewards system designed to give teachers feedback and bonuses for excelling students. Gather the full support and commitment from local communities and parents.

Help stop parents from undermining schools with affirmative action and restore power back to the hands of teachers and vice principals. In my mind, this could bring out the most positive and productive changes we need to see in our schools and the education system.

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