Taylor Swift and Feminism Assignment

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Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the goal of feminism to be empowered to do whatever you want? To establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment? To control your own life and make it into a success in a male dominated society? Taylor Swift Isn’t hurting feminism, the only thing being detrimental to fearfulness Is your own backwards ass Interpretation of feminism. I’d you hadn’t notice I have miserable luck with relationships. Actually luck isn’t Even a factor, thieve all been miserable failures.

So what’s got me in a huff now? See I met this girl at a friends birthday party and we hit it off beautifully. Others thought we were really cut together and we Just clicked. For probably the first time I actually experienced someone who was legitimately interested in me even if It was Just a tiny sliver of interest. So she asked my friend about me and suddenly she has no interest In me. Why? Because I’m only 22. What the tuck. That has to be the stupidest reason I’ve encountered.

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What the bloody hell does my age have to do with anything? There is absolutely no reason age should make any difference unless its something dramatic like I was still in high school. Age is of no importance or an indication of anything, anyone can grow old all you have to do is live long enough. I was born at a very early age are you going to hold that against me? Jokes aside, its backward ass thinking like this that makes me shake my head in confusion at people. This excuse has been used twice before and I had to laugh at one use of It.

One girl put forward that I was to old for her, which is funny because he still lives at home with her mom, her room basically resembles a 10 year olds with a bunch of Sailor Moon crap and she has no education or ambitions. I on the other hand have an education, am self-supportive (mostly) and have a job that gives Age isn’t a factor anyone can control if you like a person you like a person end of story. It’d be like me refusing to date any girls who’s name is Amy. My reasoning is backwards and stupid and its a factor that the other party can’t control. It’s not like one of us is underage or there’s like a fifty year age difference.

Yet when I told some of my friends they defended this girl saying she was right. “Sorry but she’s right, it’s weird for a girl to be the older person in a relationship. ” Oh that’s logical, way to stand up for your gender. I have no use for pathetic outdated thinking, and anyone that subscribes to this limited world view needs to rethink what it means to have freedom of choice. Makes me cringe that I have a better grasp of this than most, or that I’m the one who doesn’t get things because I don’t see rules in he same narrow world view that is considered the norm.

You can’t date someone younger than you? Or some stupid preconceived notion prevents your brain from choosing on your own. Hopefully someday more people will be able to unlock their mind forgo manacles and think for themselves but until then I have to wonder why anyone thinks this is something. Maybe I am being ostracize and demanding a bit but I stand by this. If you meet someone and hit it off shouldn’t that be what you look for in a relationship? Or some sort of statistic.

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