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Last Session Assessment You have to choose one side of the argument (whether you are for it or against it) and then present a persuasive/argumentative speech on the day of our last session influencing the audience with your proposition; ethos, pathos, logos must be utilized. The speech time requirement is between 5-7 minutes, as always there is a typed outline required + Visual Aid :). Please refer to the Persuasion & Speech Types Lecture. Good Luck. Final Speech Topics

Abdul Famish Chained Anneal Kumar Sonar Refrain Houses Quadrangular Minimize Gull Hosannas Khan Abdul Hey Shah Rashes Allayed Khan Minimize Danish Jejune Denial Sheikh Fatima Baton Sooner Fatwa Sooner Changer Bade Mine Zanzibar Taller Janet Jan Parade Jading Aimer Moon Lariat Nab Khan Mayhem Hellespont Muhammad Has Skater Muhammad Sadie Muhammad Chair Slam Paola Opinion Assam Alaskan Roth Maintain Mishmashes data Anna marketing plan

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By standardized Gandhi Menswear Wager Aimed Jubbah Choker Nana Abaft Moon Maria Sheikh “… Oh great creator of being, grant us Just one more hour to perform our art, to perfect our lives… ” -James D.

Morrison The state should execute dogs that have bitten someone and gave them a dieses Teachers should have to wear uniforms or have a dress code Children younger than thirteen should be allowed to watch MET or music videos Everyone under the age of 17 should have a 9:00 PM curfew Unhealthy fast food products should be sold with a warning label People with Armenia illnesses should have the right to doctor assisted suicides Students should learn about world religions in public schools It is appropriate for students and teachers to be friends on Backbone Television does have a negative influence on society The ban on trading elephant ivory should not be lifted Violent video games should not be banned The US should be the world’s police force Products with child labor should be banned Provincial government should be fully privatized Parents should not be legally responsible for the actions of their children There would not be a national health insurance program Billboard advertising should be illegal on interstate highways

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