South Korean Drama Series and the Beauty Obsession Assignment

South Korean Drama Series and the Beauty Obsession Assignment Words: 603

I think part of the reason why so many people are so unsatisfied with something they are born with appearance and go to great strength at any costs to change them is that powerful and almighty social media has constantly told though not explicitly but implicitly that you need to do this or be like that or you will be a loser in both career and love affair. The south Korean drama series not only descriptor the stories of daily life but shape the mindset of audiences and try to make the real world as idealistic as drama as ell.

Korean society has been regarded as the most competitive, Image-conscious and beauty-driven society in the modern times. And you might already heard these stories, on how Korean teens resort to DID v-line face surgery enhancements to the extremes that they hurt themselves physically, to how the 201 3 Korean beauty contestants all looked alike after having gone through extensive plastic surgeries . You might be shocked and think are they Insane?

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But A Korean girl has told me that before she didn’t get the plastic surgery, she cannot even obtain a Job interview, but after that she got a lot of calls. Then have realized how people yield to social pressure and make the risky decision. The notion that appearance Is the foundation of happiness and success is enhanced by social media and thus has prevailed In the society. In order to be accepted by others, and win the position they want, they have no alternative but to go under the knife as those Korean celebrities do, as every one else do.

Furthermore, with the popularity of the south Korean drama series, the Korean wave and culture have spread quickly globally , especially In Asia. Visitors room overseas who request to look like their favorite Korean idol through plastic surgeries flooded into Clinics in the Kananga district of Seoul which used to be the least developed area but now become a prosperous medical tourism spot.

Those clinics become a factory which revised the face and body of human beings, shaping them Like products. After going off the assembly line, surgery receivers are like stars who step off the TV screen and live among us, which sounds crazy and but it is true. Do think The directors of South Korean drama series should learn something from American drama series which commit the Imperfection of human beings and which are more tolerant and diverse.

While the south Koreans In the drama are In crazy pursuit of identical westernizes look, I have seen black American and Asian American 1 OFF they always gain the respect from others due to their constant efforts and outstanding achievements. The Canadian-born Korean actress,Sandra Oh stars in the TV show, “Grey Anatomy’ ,wined the hearts of audiences with her cast as DRP YANG. Though she has typical Asian look and not conventionally beautiful, but with he air of confidence she became the symbol of the hard-working, aspiring, tough and intelligent Asian Americans.

I believe that a good drama series should function as an inspiration and encouragement to people and make them love themselves, love the real world, not crush them down by super strict and high standards and press them to live up to unrealistic expectations. In conclusion, I do think that the directors of the South Korean drama series should stop giving absolute definition to beauty and stop this vicious circle, let the fresh air in and let people live with real self.

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