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Situation Comedy or sitcom is a style of comedic drama where characters share a common environment with dialogue that includes humor. Sitcoms usually have a story line with the same familiar characters. Situation comedy originated on the radio but is now found primarily on television and the internet. In the United States director and producer William Asher has been credited with being “the man who created the sitcom”. He directed over a dozen of sitcoms including I love Lucy.

Most situation comedies in the United States have half hour formats and usually have 20 episodes per season. Sitcoms in the United States are written by a team of writers and The components of situation comedy in the United States usually consist of satire and slapstick humor. Satire is a humorous way to evoke social criticism by emphasizes human flaws or shortcomings. Satire uses strong irony and sarcasm as a meaner of comedic relief. Slap stick humor is a type of physical humor with absurd actions and often make believe violent behavior.

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Federal law prohibits people to secretly record communications. In order to record communications you must get consent room all participants of the conversation being recorded. Trespassing involves physical invasion on a private property. You can be sued for invasion of privacy. Advertisers need to make sure they have permission to use someone’s name or likeness. Commercial messages invade someone’s privacy if the appropriation if a person’s name or likeness is involved. The media could be blamed for physical harm if they are accused of imitated a public figure.

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